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    Save $$$$ on petcock

    The petcock was only $26 at the local shop that had it in stock. Had to use the stock spacer and use a grinder to remove the ears on the handle so it will clear the seam on the metal tank. The fuel outlet points back at the carb and leaves very little room for the line but with a slightly longer line I have avoided kinking it and the entire setup works well. I need pliers to turn the handle for now. I have left it in on position and have not had any overfilling of the carb. I think that if you had extra long bolts and another stock spacer it would work out fine with the above mentioned extension of the intake tube.
  2. Just Ride Dammit

    04 DRZ400S Jetting Question

    Eddie, I just got my Dynojet kit from TT and am about to dive into it and saw this thread. Would I be better off with the JD kit? Search is dead on TT again (still?) and I am could use a bit of advice on the correct setup for a 03 calif DRZ 400S that is getting a 3x3 mod and tail pipe mod. I ride at -20 to 1000ft and 50F to 100F. Can you help me out with the best jetting? What does not come in the kit that I need other than bowl screws and fuel mix screw? Thanks, JRD