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    Rational Apathy and the Slow Death

    Del and Stacy, Great article. Is the pass on the passion logo avaiable as a decal? I really like the one for one concept... Catchy JustRideDammit .. And Raise hell with the keyboard.
  2. PROTECT YOUR OCOTILLO WELLS RIDING LANDS WHILE WATCHING TV EFFORT! Below are three basic sections; 1. What is going on now and what you can do 2. An opinion and my observation 3. Step-by-step easy chair TV watching instructions What is going on now and what you can do They are making up the rules that will last for the next 20 years right now! It’s called the General Plan for the SVRA and the process is about halfway through. They have three sets of rules for each of the 14 different areas within Ocotillo Wells SVRA for folks to “vote” on that they claim are in “Draft” form. They have held many “workshops” and had folks markup and vote on these in paper form. Now we get to do it on-line as well. You can go on-line and influence how this turns out. http://planocotillowells.com/input An Observation and my Opinion YOU CAN BET THAT THE ENVIROS ARE INFLUENCING THIS SINCE INPUT IS UNLIMITED! The entire Process of getting input from “stakeholders” and developing the new General Plan is in the hands of a multinational firm called AECOM http://www.aecom.com/What+We+Do/Design+and+Planning Not the state or the SVRA. In personally discussing the effort with some of the AECOM staff at the meetings several Red Flags went up for me and not the kind attached to a OHV! The First red flag is that none of them partake in any off-road activities. In fact half of them fit the stereotypical sierra club members’ presentation. The next red flag is the layout, wording, and presentation of the options in the paper forms as well as the online activities. The names of the three options are deceiving. Primarily the name “Rugged”. Many off-roaders like it Rugged. It is in the middle and sounds like a good choice. It is not. RUGGED = LIMITED & PROTECTED What new-speak we must endure just to go riding. The third Red Flag and the first I wrote them on is described below.In the three options presented (Legacy, Rugged, Developed) there is an underlying decision that seems to already have been made and taken away from the stakeholders. That decision is that each area that is currently distributed (open riding) OHV use can be, by each of the three choices provided, limited to trails only riding through the use and implementation of this General Plan. This has been done by including into each of the three options that every area can be limited to trails only OHV. For the options to be truly a choice for the stakeholders and the public one of the options must be that the General Plan will protect the distributed OHV use of the park in the future. Regardless of whether or not those areas can now be limited to trails only OHV use, a General Plan option that intends to protect the continued distributed OHV use must be offered to present a balanced set of options to chose from. That balance would be: 1 More protection of the public’s use of the land 2 Continued balance of protection between the public using the land and special interest groups attempting to limit that use. 3 Opening the door in the General Plan to further limit the public’s use of the designated OHV area for it’s intended use. Currently the three options all appear to be falling under the third option above. The current choices of Legacy, Rugged, and Developed only offer three different degrees of limiting the future use by the public as a OHV and camping area. The simple correction to this is to have the Legacy option not allow any area to allow a future possibility of trails only OHV use regardless of current constraints from the BLM MoU on the Gas Domes area or the Court ruling on the Truckhaven area. This would then provide three balanced choices going forward. Thus the General Plan under the Legacy option would offer some level of protection to the public’s continued use of the park as they do now and have as part of the general plan opening up currently limited areas as those current restrictions are lifted when the land is passed over to the state or SVRA. Step-by-step easy chair TV watching instructions GO TO http://planocotillowells.com/input Fill in your zip code Get up to speed by looking at the reading material and film. select a area to comment on in the pull down box. "Vote on" each and every area at least once. Repeat as often as possible In talking with several SVRA employees, AECOM Staff, and other Non Govermental Organiations (NGO’s), and Government interests there is a “best way” to fill in the online survey. 1. Add lots of comments 2. Identify your use of the SVRA 3. Of the Draft Alternative you like select the bubble closest to strongly like 4. Of the other two do not leave them blank, select the bubble closest to strongly dislike. 5. Add the note to remove the trails only option and make distributed riding mandatory and protected. 6. READ EACH LINE IN EACH DRAFT ALTERNATIVE FOR EACH AREA AT LEAST ONCE. THEY ARE DIFFERENT. 7. MAKE A SET OF CUT AND PASTE NOTES LIKE MINE BELOW AND SUBMIT AS MANY TIMES AS YOU CAN. THERE IS NO LIMIT ON THE AMOUNT OF TIMES YOU CAN FILL THIS OUT. YOU CAN BET THE ENVIROS KNOW THIS. 8. Send your notes to your friends and get their butt's in gear..... My notes for: GAS Domes area “Legacy” Comment section I reside in Ocotillo Wells much of the winter and ride a highway legal dual sport motorcycle extensively as well as a 4x4 truck and quads. My Family uses the park for enjoying and exploring, camping, and recreating with motorized vehicles. Trails only is to be removed so that when the BLM hands over the land to the SVRA in the near future the land can be opened up again to cross country riding (distributed). Because the BLM has a trails only designation now as part of the agreement with the SVRA that does not mean that it should be put in as part of the new General Plan thus limiting the future access to the land. Distributed riding would be permitted once the BLM hands over the land to the SVRA or the state. Concentrated riding should be permitted once the BLM hands over the land to the SVRA or the state. Developed and semi-developed camping should be permitted Primitive camping should be permitted. Staging areas will be permitted Concessions: Emergency and repair services should be permitted such as towing and ambulance. As everywhere else; Haul it in, Haul it out, leave the concessions for the perimeter of the park. JustRideDammit!
  3. Just Ride Dammit

    Ocotillo Wells under attack tonight on CBS8.com at 11:00 pm

    Know that of which you speak of: http://www.peer.org/assets/docs/ca/5_21_13_Petition_for_Writ_of_Mandate_Ocotillo_SVRA_Final.pdf The recent sand storm that reached 85 mph blew soil from untouched lands and deposited it on roads in many places making the road completely covered and no longer recognizable as a road. It is a desert it changes it shape and contours with every extreme weather event.
  4. Just Ride Dammit

    Off road riding in California pre 1971

    Unless there is no trespassing signs, fences, or local ordinances you can still ride any private land and the landowner is not liable. see http://www.ocotillowells.net/2009/10/landowner-protection-from-recreational-use/ Riverside and San Diego counties have enacted laws forbidding riding on private land under many conditions. All of Anza Borrego state park was open prior to 1971 as far as I know. Then they squeezed everyone into the far corner unless there is a license plate on it. Remember; all travel was off road at one time.
  5. Increased enforcment by the rangers and more limited use of the park is being pushed at 11:00 pm on San Diego Channel 8. The web page is here http://www.cbs8.com/story/22283143/protecting-the-park 13,000 Sierra Club members are kicking the butts of more than 400,000 off roaders again. Please support your off road clubs and organizations that fight for your legal rights. (You spend more on gas getting to the park that dues run for a typical year.) The are that is being discussed is under consideration for leasing to private energy companies for well drilling. Those companies want the public YOU off of it. DON't Just Ride Dammit
  6. Just Ride Dammit

    Save $$$$ on petcock

    The petcock was only $26 at the local shop that had it in stock. Had to use the stock spacer and use a grinder to remove the ears on the handle so it will clear the seam on the metal tank. The fuel outlet points back at the carb and leaves very little room for the line but with a slightly longer line I have avoided kinking it and the entire setup works well. I need pliers to turn the handle for now. I have left it in on position and have not had any overfilling of the carb. I think that if you had extra long bolts and another stock spacer it would work out fine with the above mentioned extension of the intake tube.
  7. Just Ride Dammit

    04 DRZ400S Jetting Question

    Eddie, I just got my Dynojet kit from TT and am about to dive into it and saw this thread. Would I be better off with the JD kit? Search is dead on TT again (still?) and I am could use a bit of advice on the correct setup for a 03 calif DRZ 400S that is getting a 3x3 mod and tail pipe mod. I ride at -20 to 1000ft and 50F to 100F. Can you help me out with the best jetting? What does not come in the kit that I need other than bowl screws and fuel mix screw? Thanks, JRD