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  1. liarmour

    DR650 - Rear shock problems

    Everyone..Thanks for all the advice. I have finally contacted (here in Australia) a highly recommended company that has advised me to rebuild, rather than replace. He is suggesting that to fully rebuild and put on a heaverier spring will be between $500-$600 AUD, whereas I would be looking at $1000 AUD plus to get a new one. - Thanks again.
  2. liarmour

    DR650 - Clutch Problem

    Thanks for all the input. Has anyone who has had the clutch apart checked the basket for wear? I have been told by a friend that if the basket has been worn, the plates could be grabbing and casuing the funny slip type sensation. I can also confirm that it is not the cable, the gaurds or the adjustment as these are all ok. When this problem happens, it actually happens "quicker" than what I can replicate using the lever...so it is imposible to be adjusment or cable etc...thanks again :-)
  3. liarmour

    DR650 - Clutch Problem

    Hi there...I have a 2003 DR650 which has a small problem with it's clutch (I think??). When I get into top gear and am powering along, all of a sudden there is a little surge...it's like I have quickly pulled the clutch in and out. This will normally happen once, maybe twice then it will be fine until the next time I go back a gear, and then back to 5th. Does anyone know what might be happenning??? I thought maybe the clutch cable...but why only in top gear?? I have also converted the chain and sprokets to a 520 from 525, but the problem was there before the change.
  4. liarmour

    DR650 - Rear shock problems

    Hi all...I have a 2003 DR650 which has lost it's dampening totally (rides like a boat). Also I have the stock spring fully wound up as I weigh 110kg (sorry about the metric...but I am from down under). My question is, seeing as I am going to have to replace the spring should I just look to purchase a complete new shock, or is it still better to get my old one rebuilt?