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  1. Ive got these and love them, not sure where you can get them now though... http://www.vitalmx.com/news/news/New-MDK-Ti-Factory-Footpegs,2803
  2. Sounds like the perfect size for the front guard then, by the time it has conformed to the grooves/ridges.
  3. Looks like a front guard...
  4. Hi guys I was hoping someone could help me with the current draw figures from the electric starter on a 350. Im looking at putting an electric shift kit on a 350 as I have recently lost my left leg but want to make sure the battery will be able to handle the current draw from the kit. Im sure it will but the manufacturer of the kit haven't been very helpful. Thanks
  5. From the engine rebuild manual; Mounting the chain tensioner – Press the chain tensioner together up to the first notch and lock in this position. Slide into the hole in the cylinder heads together with a new O-ring. NOTE: – Check and lock the chain tensioner: see Chapter 5. – The piston 1 must protrude approx. 3 mm out of the chain tensioner. –Mount the plug with a new seal ring and tighten to 25 Nm. –Press against the piston of the chain tensioner with a screwdriver to cause the mounting lock to yield and the piston to extend. The chain tensioner rail will be loaded and the timing chain tensioned. NOTE: if you press against the chain tensioner now it will lock. This makes sure that the timing chain is tensioned when you start the engine and not enough oil pressure has been built up yet. ! CAUTION ! IF THE CHAIN TENSIONER IS NOT LOCKED AND RELIEVED AFTER ASSEMBLY AS DESCRIBED IN CHAPTER 5, THE TIMING CHAIN WILL SKIP WHEN THE ENGINE IS STARTED, RESULTING IN ENGINE DAMAGE. Chapter 5; Timing chain tensioner ! CAUTION ! IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS, THE TIMING CHAIN WILL NOT BE TENSIONED CORRECTLY AND WILL SKIP, RESULTING IN ENGINE DAMAGE. NOTE: – The timing chain tensioner 1 operates with spring force and with oil pressure. A stop system is used to ensure the right timing chain tension in the engine starting phase, even if the oil pressure is insufficient. The stop system prevents the piston 2 on the timing chain tensioner from being retracted. – In a dismounted state, the piston on the timing chain tensioner extends completely. – Fully depress the spring tensioner. This will require some effort since the oil must be squeezed out. If the timing chain tensioner is released it will extend completely again; it may not be mounted in this state, since the locking mechanism will not function. – Press down on the timing chain tensioner to ensure smooth operation. – To prepare the timing chain tensioner for installation, place 2 spacing washers or similar implements with a thickness of 2 - 2.5 mm next to the piston of the timing chain tensioner. This will ensure that the piston cannot be completely retracted when the piston is pressed down. If you release the piston, the stop system will lock, the piston will protrude approx. 3 mm and stay in this position - this position is required for refitting! –If you press the timing chain tensioner again and it extends no more than half way (preventing it from extending completely), the stop system will lock and the timing chain tensioner can no longer be pressed together - this position is necessary to ensure that the timing chain is adequately tensioned, even if the oil pressure is low.
  6. Send me a PM with your email. I have one for the 06 but pretty much the same.
  7. I use these and would definitely recommend them! http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250606954327&viewitem=&sspagename=STRK:MEWAX:IT#ht_500wt_1182
  8. From the workshop manual; ADJUSTING THE POSITION OF THE THROTTLE VALVE SENSOR Note; Before checking the position of the throttle valve sensor, you have to adjust the idle speed correctly. -Disengage the plug-and-socket connection of the throttle valve sensor. -Connect a multimeter (measuring range ohm x 1k) to the blue (+) and the black (-) cable of the throttle valve sensor and measure the throttle valve resistance. -Now, multiply this value by 0.15. This yields the adjustment value for the throttle valve sensor. EXAMPLE; Throttle valve sensor resistance (bl/s) = 5kOhm Throttle valve sensor resistance (ge/s) = 5kOhm x 0.15 = 750Ohm +/- 50Ohm -Connect the multimeter (measuring range Ohm x 100) to the yellow (=) and the black (-) cable of the throttle valve sensor and measure the throttle valve sensor resistance with thte throttle grip closed. Acording to the above example, this value should 750Ohm +/- 50 Ohm. -If the value measured does not correspond to the desired value, loosen the 2 screws and turn the throttle valve sensor until the instrument displays the desired value. -Secure the throttle valve sensor in this position by fastening the screws and check the value once more. -Connect the throttle valve sensor to the wiring harness. CHECKING THE THROTTLE VALVE SENSOR Note; The following measurement must be taken at a component temperature of approx. 20degCelcius. -Open the plug-and-socket connection of the throttle valve sensor. -Connect a multimeter (measuring range Ohm x 1k) to the blue (+) and the black (-) cable of the throttle valve sensor. Resistance of the throttle valve sensor: 4-6kOhm -Now connect the multimeter to the yellow (+) and teh black (-) cable of the throttle valve sensor. -As you open tthe throttle grip slowly, the resistance must change evenly. Resistance of throttle valve sensor: 0-5kOhm +/- 1kOhm (while opening the throttle grip) Hope this helps
  9. I have had mine fixed a few times and the guy said not to heat it, instead he used a press.
  10. Supercross

    download a programme like flashget and the go to mininova.org. The guys are real good at keeping the MX updated on there. Sky coverage sucks aye!!!
  11. 50Nm, and they recommend you do it in a couple of stages.
  12. Check out http://fludesigns.com/KTM_MDK_bikes.html
  13. Me and some mates are coming from New Zealand!
  14. I hope these work. http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p212/djdrfunk/IMG_2688.jpg http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p212/djdrfunk/IMG_2703.jpg