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    Oil filter

    I know i sound like an idiot but Every time the oil got changed on my bike (02YZ426F) My buddy did it and i cant remember where the Oil filter is can anyone help

    Need Help

    Where is the Oil filter located?
  3. dose anyone else get fire out of the tail pipe from there 426 It happens when i turn it off i dont know about any other time I only does this once in a while but i figures i would ask any way

    Headlight on a 2002 YZ426F ???

    Hey 02YZ426 I see that you have the Trailtec computer I ordered one and it should be here soon along with my cyclopes headlight How do you like it is it worth it ?

    Headlight on a 2002 YZ426F ???

    The shop around me told me that i could get a WR stator and Flywheel to put on my bike and it would work with my headlight with out any problems they were told this by ACERBIS

    Headlight on a 2002 YZ426F ???

    Thanks but i can see putting close to $500 on my bike to run a headlight i just wish i could find it cheaper
  7. I was woundering about it being to much stress on the motor when it is running on the road. I dont want to tear it up.

    Headlight on a 2002 YZ426F ???

    I just got an email and the guy From AZMOTORSPORTS told me that it made for running a headlight and tail light so i will have enouph power to run it on

    Headlight on a 2002 YZ426F ???

    Thanks for all the info I ordered my cyclopes headlight from www.azmotorsports.com and they said they can get me a replacement Coil that allows you to hook up a headlight for $197 and they also told me to check about getting my stator rewound what do you think about that
  10. REWCBA

    Headlight on a 2002 YZ426F ???

    Would this run that ? or not ElectroSport ESL380 Lighting Stator 4-pole lighting stator with 50W lighting output. includes backing plate, pulser coil, pre-wired ready to install. Comes with our industry leading one year warranty.
  11. REWCBA

    Headlight on a 2002 YZ426F ???

    thanks man this is the headlight i have ordered CYCLOPS HEADLIGHT The first approved headlight for all on and off-road bikes. It can be used on non-fairing bikes to street fighters. Exclusive customized design: nylon surround, polypropylene numberplate, polycarbonate reflector, cast aluminum headlight body and tempered glass lens. • DOT and SAE approved • Adjustable angle • Universal fitting with anti-vibration rubber strips • Removable number plate; available in a wide variety of colors • Protective, transparent polycarbonate lens cover supplied for off-road use • Heat resistant plastic headlight support • Spot light fitted with 55 W halogen bulb, Flood light fitted with 55 W halogen bulb and 5W incandescent bulb
  12. REWCBA

    Headlight on a 2002 YZ426F ???

    Thanks guys where can i get what i need if you have some links that would be great
  13. I have a 2002 YZ426F and i Ordered a ACERBIS CYLOPESS HEADLIGHT and i have been told that i can hook it up with out buying other stuff Can anyone help me figure this out