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  1. hey guys im lookin for a bigbore kit for my xr and just wondering where to get one preferable 290cc thanks
  2. hey mate well i recon you could get that price the boys r right but if u get someone that is interseted enough than they would pay for it good luck
  3. hi mate have u tried changing the jetting on the bike?
  4. hi guys i have done some work to my bike eg baffel has been taken out has a twin air fillter snorkal off to i wanted to no what would the corect jeting ratio for the bike i live in newcastle nsw australia thanks
  5. hi guys just wondering i have a xr250r 01 and wanted to know which would be better performance upgrade for the price a performance pipe or just replacing the need cap on tha stock pipe thanks
  6. hi guys i need help with my new moto it is an xr250r 01 it didn't come with a users manual and i don't no how much oil it takes and what type of oil to eg 15w40 can anyone help us
  7. an xr250 89 would be perfect i have 01 model and i think its great and my mate has a 90 model and it hasn't skiped a beat