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  1. i have a showa shock off of a 2007 RMZ 450 and would like to know the I.D. size of the shims stacks rebound and compression of main piston thanks
  2. i wouldn't say the gold valve is crap just its not needed at all. the stock piston design flows plenty of fluid and thats what the gold valves where designed to help with in the past (90's) the new designs flow almost to well and tend to let the bike blow through the stroke. the cartridge pressure curve is to late and to short making the suspension very choppy and harsh feeling. get a good revalve with someone who knows wp stuff well. you could do it yourself its not very hard once you understand how the forks work. shock is best left up to someone with the rite tools and some knowledge.
  3. joppa

    250 sxf gearing

    i tried several different combos of gearing and keep going back to stock.
  4. joppa

    Transworld 250 F Shootout

    you think transworld was bad, try cycle news shoot out- the honda wins even though the tranny blows up during the shootout lol what a joke.
  5. you need someone with a good reputation to revalve it for you. sounds like the job you got done was lousy. i revalve my own and it works very close to the showa stuff out there. sounds like its set up with way to little compression damping.
  6. joppa

    just received a letter from KTM

    ktm is a good company. a few days ago they called me out of the blue to tell me they had the wrong mailing address and need to send me a gas cap recall letter. they just gave me the verbal message instead saying i could pick up my new cap at the dealer, nice job ktm!
  7. gold valves are a waste of time. latest generation forks flow more then enough oil. if you have a honda and want it revalved nice -factory connection - best honda work you can get.
  8. lets know how you made out after you change the suspension settings.
  9. joppa

    Stupid Transworld Test!

    thats called keeping everyone happy . say the ktm sucks at mx but is great in the woods, that's so funny, if a bike sucks it sucks everwhere. they complain about the ktm suspension all the time - when i see how they have it set up, i know why they think it stinks. my buddy just had his honda set up by factory connection and it works great, so i let him take a ride on my stock sxf set up by me-- when he was done he could'nt believe it was a ktm was it a good as his FC set up, no but it was close ktm has come a long way is the last few years and given a couple more there stuff will get even better.
  10. if your having problems with your suspension here's a couple tips i weight 170 lbs this is my stock setting that work very well for mx make sure the sag is set at least 105 -110mm hs comp out no more then 1.5 turns ls comp out to 18 - 20 clicks rebound set at no more then 18 clicks out stock forks-- lower oil height 5-15 mm comp 2-8 clicks out rebound 18-20 preload 2-3 turns out from full soft clamp offset 20mm i been testing a lot and the sxf handles great if the forks ride high in the travel. let it drop down a little in the front and the bike starts to oversteer all over the place.
  11. What don't you like about your sxf. i think its a very nice bike. can't believe it not as good as your 04 bike was. sounds like your a ktm basher.
  12. my sxf smoked on start up a little when i first got it. after about 3 hrs of riding it had stopped. 250 sx is the only ktm this year to come with brembo clutch all other's use the magura, not to worry in the last five years i have not had one failure with magura hydro clutch. your going to love this bike it is awsome. i have a couple of races and about 7 hrs of pratice on it and it get better the more i ride it. take's a long time to break in the wp suspension. you made a good choice in buying this bike . good luck with it..
  13. i have about 6 hrs on mine of mostly racing hrs and its been awsome so far. one of the best bike i have ever owned.
  14. joppa

    KTM 250SXF starting

    cant believe anyone is having starting problems. mine has 5.5 hrs on it and starts 1-2 kicks hot or cold, has from day one. lower the oil height 10-15mm and the forks will feel a lot smoother. this is one nice bike. i've been trying a lot of other bike's latley and comparing my sxf and would'nt trade it for any other bike. you say the kx shifted better? thats hard to believe, this bike shifts so well. if you can find a sxf, grab it. after it has broke in its going to be a better overall buy. ktm's hold up very well -plus it has way more nice stock hardware.
  15. joppa

    250SXF gripes/questions

    i've had mine for 3 weeks now and it's a great bike. i agree the stock tire's are junk. i bought new tires the day i got the bike, i knew they would not last. my bike starts very easy only 1-3 kicks every time. i would suggest lowering the fork oil height 10-15mm to improve the forks. I added 10mm of oil and a set of subtanks to my forks with great results. ktm sells a hour meter for the engine at about $40, installs super easy and great at keeping oil changes on time. you dont have breakin the engine very long, half hour of on and off the throttle and let her rip! get a new seat and the shock will feel like it was revalved , the stock seat is like cement. bike handles very well but, be careful of suspension adjustments, little adjustments make a big difference with this bike. i left the triple-clamps set in the 20mm offset i like them there best after trying both settings. my gas cap does not leak yet, try a o-ring i have read others are using this fix with great sucess.