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  1. TTR125LErocks

    08' yz for trails?

    If you’re doing trail ridding a kickstand is a must! My buddy and I just went out on our new yz250f's and did some trail ridding both wish we had one! we did mange to bend a rim trail ridding, skids aren’t really needed but are added insurance, your bike is ready to hit the trails or track the way it is. But I do recommend dialing in your suspension to your weight the first time your out, as most people don’t. Do remember the springs are new and do need to break in but at your weight it will need to be tuned down regardless.
  2. This has been a sweet year full of toys! i got a new truck so now it was time to get a new bike im picking up my 07' yz250f at the dealer tomorrow its the last one they had. im going to do the mototuneusa break in. but from their is their anythaing that i sould be aware of on this bike before i take it out ill do the usual check of wheel torque and fluids ect. anything else to be aware of? im so stoked ill post more up tommarow after i pick it up. :eek:
  3. TTR125LErocks

    how to get the green on yz250f

    hehe ill be like ya you can go riding with me then when he goes into the trailer to take a break ill go jack his haha thats what ill do but the 2007 wr250f is probly my only hope and it is preatty badass so gess ill probly get that
  4. TTR125LErocks

    what 250 to get?

    right now im looking into the wr
  5. TTR125LErocks

    need al,ot of help!?!?!?

  6. TTR125LErocks

    how to get the green on yz250f

    the front fork dampining is controlled so at higher speeds you have a smother ride nvm i gess its not electric but there still better Speed-Sensitive System 48mm Kayaba fork move the TCV (transfer control valves) above the fork springs, so that damping force is now controlled by piston speed; that prevents mid-stroke damping force changes, for a smoother, more precise ride. it makes a hell of a diffrence and i live near Clairmont
  7. TTR125LErocks

    How do you like the 2006 YZ250F?

    Yamaha need i not say more hell even this thumbs up is blue he obviously rides a yamaha
  8. TTR125LErocks

    what 250 to get?

    ive only owned yamaha but i want a new bike (06,07) thats green sticker and the yz250f is a red
  9. TTR125LErocks

    what 250 to get?

    what 4 stroke 250 greensticker bike to get? i got to ocatia wells a lot and would like to start track riding preatty soon i im intered in a cuple of baja runs to what should i get? Thanks Shane
  10. TTR125LErocks

    how to get the green on yz250f

    ya i want the 06 though because of the electronic suspension dampining and the all aluminum frame
  11. I finnaly got my dad talked into getting me the yz250f (thanks to yamahas 0int 0down 0payments for a year deal) But he said no red stickers and i dont want a wr i live in california and how can i get a green sticker for shure without buying the bike and finding out the green sticker idea didnt work? Thanks, Shane
  12. TTR125LErocks

    73 yamaha AT1 125cc

    Is it worth resoring a 73 yamaha AT1 125cc? (how much to restore?)and if so how much do these bikes go for? thanks Shane
  13. TTR125LErocks

    ttr-125 rear shock removel

    if you go to autozone you can barrow a set
  14. TTR125LErocks

    ttr-125 rear shock removel

    im sory i ment to put (shock spring) do i need shock commpressers?
  15. TTR125LErocks

    ttr-125 rear shock removel

    dose any one have a lik or info on how to remove the ttr-125 rear shock spring because i have a bbr rear spring and have no clue on how to take the stock one off Thanks Shane