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  1. Where is the Deer Springs spot... is it by that AM/PM?
  2. Wildomar OHV Area is Green sticker only right now... Wildomar, December 1 through February 28/29 for Red sticker
  3. Yamaha

    My wife has an '04 warrior.. and it is Green sticker and has a Y in the 8'th position... I would guess that if the DMV website says it's RED, they that is what you'll get...
  4. My wife rides, the whole family rides! I made that part of the wedding vows. Street, Dirt, quads, doesn't matter... IMO - most quad people who crash at 50 on doubles with no helmet are not able to tell the rest of them that they wish they had some gear on!
  5. I bought one for my son (6 yrs at the time) - The only fix I could find was to sell it. Raptor80racing was getting a rev limiter made, but never got it done by the time I decided to sell... the single speed tranny will be the next issue if they get the rev limiter done. Best of luck...