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  1. Red Ga

    Dear Yamaha / JLAW

    Thrillbillie, you are wise beyond your years. Most of the crazy stuff that goes on in the racing industry does not get near the fans. Both incidents were at the track, that goes under the don't sh** where you sleep rule. You endanger paying customers your out, racer or fan. RED
  2. Red Ga

    Fork leaked

    Wouldn't be a bad idea to loosen the axle pinch bolts and compress the forks a few tmes. This realligns the forks and takes away any pressure off the oil seals. When my forks leak this is the first thing I try and it almost always stops any leakage. This can also help the forks operate smoother. The seal cleaning tool from motion-pro is nice too(only $5).
  3. Red Ga

    Good Riding In Georgia?

    Aonia is alot closser to Durham town than 106, and its probably one of the best tracks in the southeast. The General GNCC is there on the 11th, That event will have well over 1000 riders.
  4. Red Ga

    Street Bikes - Line in the sand

    I've ridden sportbikes of all kinds over the last 10 years, even had a Harley. We ride the Mtns. here in norh Ga, also do some trackdays. Recently got a street legal motard, I would have to say that I feel alot safer on the motard when on the street. the upright seating gives you alot more vision around you to see whats going on, and the bike is alot lighter and easy to manuever. The 100mph and faster stuff is no longer an option ( I think that might be a good thing) but It is by far the funnest bike I've ridden. Still have a BMW 1150rt for the real long rides but all the sportbikes are gone and I dont really miss them. O.k. maybe a little. Spotbikes are made for the track. when ridding on the street you need a bike that gives you some kind of advantage. Even with ABS on the BMW the motard out stops it. In conclusion my theory is dont stop ridding on the street just get a good street bike and not a race bike. And always dress for the crash. RED
  5. Red Ga

    Chest Protection Question

    I've been using the Tek Vest freestyle. It has the most rib cage protection you can find (wraps completly around you),But I'm a little worried it might be too hot for the summer here in Ga. I've also been using a armor suite from EVS that comes with built in kidney belt I think its called the ballestic vest. Not as much side protection for the ribs as the Tek Vest, but it has alot of arm protection stuff that really gives you a bullet proof feel. After using both this winter I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing one of these during the summer too. RED
  6. I've used the torch and vice method several times and hardly ever break the lever, Just take it slow. Good luck, RED
  7. I shattered both tibula and fibula a few years back, they screwed and plated everything back together but I lost alot of bone. A pro road racer told me start drinkink alot of carrot juice to speed the healing process. The doctors were amazed at how fast the bone grew back, and I was a 34 year old diabetic they were worried it wouldnt grow back at all. Get the good stuff no concentrate B.S.
  8. Shelby, I have a SMC and we hunt dirt roads all the time to play on. I am pretty sure Ive hit every one in Jackson county. I dont think the tight stuff would be fun, not alot of room between the front disc and the ground. The bike really does well on gravel or dirt roads even pilot powers on. I wouldnt call it a good dual sport, but defently a fun bike to ride.
  9. Red Ga

    favorite tire

    Ive ripped the knobbys off of the Michelins before so that kinda turned me off them. Nothing feels as good as fresh Dunlops, but savor that feeling it doesnt last long. Right now Ive got two sets of Maxxis because they were giving the fronts away with the rears, It has never felt as good as a dunlop when new, but its felt OK for a long,long time. So the way I see it is every now and then for the special occassions I my spend a little more for that nice straight out roost of debris.
  10. Never mind guys red needle fifth slot the bike runs best ever
  11. I ve been working on my SMC . Drilled out holes in the air box cover, cut off about five inches of the baffle that connects to the end cap and installed the JD kit 45pj, 170main, blue needle in the third position, the ristricting screw on the slide was done by the dealer. The bike pops a little on decel and Ive noticed when decelerating from around half throttlle I get a littlle spit like noise from the bike. maybe a backfire? Its almost like a little sneeze. The spitting didnt start till I cut the baffle pipe. The bike runs strong every where else. I ride north Ga. elevation from 1000ft. above sea level to 3000ft. Temps. from 30F to 95f Ive heard about alot of people drilling out the end caps, but I dont want to loose the torque on the bottom end. The weather is cool now so little popping is maybe expected its that spitting that concerns me. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Randy P.S this SMC is the funnest thing Ive ever rode!