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    Yamaha's Factory TTR

    I did the YZ80 fork conversion as well to my TTR. I used .38 fork springs from Cannon Racecraft, Buds Racing triple clamps, Pro-Taper Pastrana bend bars (tall), BBR swingarm, shock spring and chain guide. The front brake lever assembly came from a CRF450 with a SS braided brake line for a YZ80. I also put a Guts Racing tall seat foam and cover. I picked up most of the parts from ebay, so it kept the prices down (except for the swingarm). The bike was fun to begin with, but now it's a blast. Future mods will be exhaust, wheels and maybe a 150 kit. Although since Honda introduced their 150R, this whole project seems obsolete...
  2. scc635

    4TH Annual TT Hillbilly Trail Ride Announcement

    Would anyone be interested in riding S/T which is not located on H/Mc? It's about the 7 miles up from the Little Coal River system towards Charleston. You won't regret it.
  3. scc635

    3rd Degree AC Seperation

    I have lived with the same injury for 9 years and have had no problems. I work out regularly and haven't had to change that at all. When I did mine (snowboarding), the Doc (Steadman-Hawkins Clinic, Vail Co.) said that a 3rd degree separation was easier to live with than a first or second degree because the ac joint isn't rubbing against the shoulder joint(in my case). When looking at the x-ray, the separation was so dramatic that Stevie Wonder could have diagnosed it. I now have a small bump where the end of the clavicle has separated, and my right shoulder sits just slightly lower than my left. I know someone that had the procedure (30K) and had a longer recovery period than I went through. Also, the shoulder that I separated had been rebuilt 7 years earlier to tighten it back up after too many dislocations. I know my way around hospitals. This is just my particular case, but get several opinions before electing to go under the knife. Good luck, you'll be back in no time.
  4. I've never ridden around that area of WV or OH. Contact Black's Motorcycles in Parkersburg, WV (304-428-0606) for more info on places to ride. Some of these guys ride with Doug Blackwell (GNCC Pro) and would know where the good stuff is. If you want to ride the S/T around Charleston, WV let me know.
  5. What we are looking for as locals to the trail system, is to make it better. Not all the trail systems at H/M would be good for S/T due to terrain constraints, but some systems would be simple and cheap to lay out and maintain. I have seen and been privy to some of the political B/S that pervades H/M. I have seen other counties (Raleigh) try to throw their hat in the ring and join the H/M system with existing and new trails (which they are now building), only to have the board vote no at the last minute after being coerced by the Logan County commissioner for fear of losing potential tourist dollars. This was done after much hoopla and media coverage in the Logan Banner and the Charleston Daily mail. Raleigh County is now going to be a competitor to H/M instead of a partner. Maybe we should start contacting the Raleigh County chamber of commerce and express our desires for S/T, now would be a good time as they are building more trails right now. There's nothing like competition to bring out the best. As locals, we would like to see H/M live up to it's full potential for the entire off-road community. Isn't it strange that the largest trail system on the east coast does not have one competitive event?! The answer I get on this subject is non-compliant insurance coverage (weak). To this day when most riders think of WV, the first thing that comes to mind is the Blackwater 100. I would like to see this return to glory, especially with events like Last Man Standing and the popularity of GNCC racing and the corresponding coverage that would do wonders for H/M. I am going to find out who I need to speak to in Raleigh County and express the needs and wants of a substantial customer base and post a thread so we can use the power of the people to help shape the direction of a new trail system. Contact me or JCG if you want to ride some stellar S/T the next time you're in WV.