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  1. Maladjusted_XR

    Barnwell Mountain MC Loop Changes

    They've closed a few times over the years for excessive rain and the resulting damage that occurs from jeeps & crawlers. However, it the property drains very well with only the low-lying areas holding any water. I think you should come over and ride Barnwell, no matter how much rain y'all get! Regards, CJ
  2. Maladjusted_XR

    Texas Barnwell Mountain MC Loop Changes

    Barnwell Motorcycle Trail Changes Friends, Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area (BMRA) would like to invite all motorcyclists out to ride the “New & Improved” BMRA MC Trail loop. I say “NEW” because we have reversed the trail direction for the first time since BMRA opened its doors approx 10yrs ago. The MC Loop will now run CCW. The trailhead is located just south of the office in the “Jeeps of Houston” camp area. The trailhead sign has been relocated and is prominently displayed for your convenience. The entire MC loop has been marked enduro style with arrows and pink ribbon so locating and following the entire trail should be easy. Trail “entry” and “exit only” signage are also prominently displayed. Please observe all trail markings for everyone’s safety. Hope to see many of you soon at BMRA enjoying the challenges of the “New & Improved” BMRA MC Loop!!! Don’t forget, Row One Riders (with help from Red River Dirt Riders & Cycleland) is hosting the “Enduro at Barnwell Mountain” on Feb, 13th, 2011. TSCEC sanctioned event. You will not be disappointed!!! Thanks & regards, Chris Jester BMRA BOD Secretary
  3. Maladjusted_XR

    Getting the damned seat off

    Try "quick-release SS anchor pins". McMaster-Carr carries them. Kind of pricey.
  4. Maladjusted_XR

    New to Houston & Texas - where to trail ride?

    Ah...the KLX. Good bike...much better offroad than the other non-Honda's. You're in Texas now, 4hrs ain't that far... Come on up...
  5. Maladjusted_XR

    What is the advantage to 18"?

    Better selection of tires for 18". The 18" tire will generally have a taller sidewall area offering better ride and more protection for the rim.
  6. Maladjusted_XR

    New to Houston & Texas - where to trail ride?

    Come on up to Gilmer, TX and ride Barnwell Mt. 1800 acres of easy trails, extreme hills, jeep roads, tight single track and...a little bit of everything. I'm up most weekends and would be happy to show you around. ~4hrs from Hellston on 59N. No offense but...do you have a "real" off-road 650? I wouldn't take a DR, KLR on the more difficult areas. XR650R or L can handle all of this terrain. PM me if you want to. Regards, Chris
  7. Maladjusted_XR


    He was selling on Ebay under "Baja Pro's" but I don't see any now. Animal House designs also sells an oil site tube kit for $55.
  8. Maladjusted_XR

    building and armoring an xr650r

    You should be able to find a good, older GPR (V1) or a Scotts for approx $200-$300 used. Check TT classifieds, Craigslist, Ebay or any other mc forum with ads.
  9. Maladjusted_XR

    building and armoring an xr650r

    WC makes skid for BRP? Should be ok if 3/16" of thicker. Design is copied widely by multiple suppliers. My buddy had WC rad (braces) on his pig. Folded like a sheet of paper on a big hit (POS). With the 6gal tank, you may not need guards anyway??? (at least for lateral protection). Renazco seats are widely regarded as one of the best. Expensive. I would verify through test rides that the front forks will perform adaquately with the larger tank (full). Rear disc guard is cheap insurance against bent / broke disc. You should see the amount of damage mine collects. Radiator cap and thermostat are also minor issues that need resolving before any serious riding is undertaken. Though the BRP has a couple of issues, they are generally easy to correct. Once done, this bike is unstoppable. BTW, very nice RR of Cambodia. Good luck. CJ
  10. Maladjusted_XR

    Oil in Fly wheel cover?

    This has been a common issue since 2000. Supposedly, the tight sealing case cover doesn't vent and thus creates a vacuum and actually causes the crank seal to slightly leak oil. Typically, a small flexible tube (~1/16" diam) is inserted into the wiring harness sleeve. One open end is left inside the case and the other end is routed to the airbox. I think Summers Racing sells a kit.
  11. Maladjusted_XR

    building and armoring an xr650r

    simon@vic, Congrats on the "new" BRP! Also, congrats on being able to do a 40-day tour. You may not want to come back... (speak any Spanish?) Regarding your questions for equipping and outfitting the XRR for long term touring. 1. The Devol Extreme radiator guards perform extremely well in my experience. I have crash tested mine numerous times. They can and will slightly deform from heavy impacts. All brands will. Easily straightened, if need be. They are equipped with the rear bracing. 2. I think the big tank may interfere with rad guard applications. That size tank will offer some side impact protection but nothing for frontal impacts. 3. Bash plate - Utah Sport Cycle 4. Try Fastway pegs. They are much larger and have adjustable grips studs (2 different lengths available also allows you to "refresh" the grip after they start to wear down.) 6. Try BajaDesigns for stator upgrade or download DIY rewind instructions. Google it. 7. DirtBagz makes a removable saddle bag set-up for the BRP. I have never seen these in person but reviews are good. 8. Missing??? I recommend the following additions to your list...if you don't already have them. (based on my experience) - Has bike been uncorked? This is first and foremost. - Steering dampener (Scotts or GPR). Once you've ridden with one you will never ride without it (especially on the pig) - Fork brace (Summers Racing) - Rear disc guard (Pro Moto Billet / Scotts, others...) - seat upgrade (unless you're a member of the IronButt group?) - hand guards (will pay themselves everytime you save a lever) - Suspension. Is the bike set up for your weight? larger tank, saddle bags, parts, gear... Plus all the standard replacement parts (chains / sprockets / levers / cables / pads,discs / etc...) I also recommend you review other sites dedicated to the BRP (Tims(?) Pig Pen, Borynack) for more. Case venting, clutch bushing replacement, RH footpeg mount, swing arm bolts are some of the issues that are found on the BRP. Also, Google "XR650R mods" and see other owners that have set their bike up for extended tours. Hope this information is helpful. Don't forget to do a ride report!!! Vaya con mucho cuidado en Mexico. Se manejan loco!!! Regards, Chris
  12. Maladjusted_XR

    Trans America Trail Fall 2006

    I'd like to get in on this fun...unfortunately I can't make the entire trip but I would like to be in on the MS(?) AR & OK sections. Do I need to purchase the TAT maps or can I mooch from others? PM with more info please. Thanks, CJ
  13. In Texas, every street legal motor vehicle must have a "vehicle inspection" performed every year. You receive a new sticker to affix to your vehicle after meeting all legal requirements. It's not a "special sticker" here. I assume from the replies that Mass does not have the same process for registering a vehicle. I would follow Tim's advice as he surely knows the ins & outs for your particular needs / situation better than I do. Good luck with the PIG.
  14. I'm not from Mass. but maybe I can offer something to this discussion. Your title reads "Off road use only" just like mine did...after I secured the vehicle inspection sticker, which indicates vehicle meets all "on-road" legal requirements for motorcycles, I went to register the bike for plates. I mentioned to the gal behind the counter that she should remove the "off road only" statement as bike now meets all "on-road" requirements (as indicated by my new inspection sticker). She agreed without question. My opinion is that if you act like you know what should happen (or what the state is supposed to do) they usually will. I know every state is different and Texas is probably one of the more lenient states when it comes this registering off-road bikes for road use. When in doubt...baffle 'em with bullshit. Good luck. CJ
  15. Maladjusted_XR

    Advise needed for QS install on XR650R

    Installation should be simple & straightforward. Call Customer Service if needed... Go ahead and install a bolt-on hose guide approx 3/8" diam (rubber-coated metal - "P" shaped with single bolt hole) to secure the idle adjust cable to the coolant intake housing on LS (the hose from the thermostat to the cylinder) Use the top bolt. Otherwise, the cable will move around excessively. Another good idea is to smooth the sharp corner on the front right-hand side. It has a tendency to gouge into the gas tank. There is enough excess material to safely remove 1/8" or more.