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  1. yamageezer

    Sand Mountain

    Great, thanks Zack...
  2. yamageezer

    Nevada Sand Mountain

    Hi guys, does anybody know if Sand Mountain is shut down because of the BS government shut down????
  3. yamageezer

    Time to Motard my XC-W 530 SIX DAYS...

    Hey thanks for the info much appreciated. It gives me a good place to start. Yeah, I'm only going to cruise around town and maybe commute to work once in awhile. Hell with the price of fuel these days I have to do something. Any input on what brand of tires are good, Dunlop, Maxxis, ect.... I would like a fairly soft compound for better grip? Oh yeah, I am really going to need a softer seat. The seat I have now is like sitting on concrete. Anyway, thanks again for all of the help....
  4. Hey all, I have a 2010 KTM XC-W 530 SIX DAYS that is street legal and I want to Motard it. I have done a little searching with little luck. My question is; what all will I have to change? I know there will be new rims, tires, & sprockets. I have heard that the brakes will need to be worked on but not sure what will need to be done. Also, what brand of rims are cool, what size rims, & tires? Any help will be much appreciated....
  5. yamageezer

    Cooling system help.

    Cool thanks, that's kinda what I was thinkin. I was talkin to a buddy last weekend and he said pretty much the only reason for the stat is for warming up the motor fast for racing. I don't race anymore so I am good. I have ordered a JD kit for myself for Christmas (woohoo) as soon as it comes in I will install it. I already talked to James Dean himself and give him all of my info and he gave me a good starting point so I'm good to go...
  6. yamageezer

    Cooling system help.

    Do I have to plug the bypass return line??? Is the bypass line the one coming off the bottom of the stat housing? The hose that looks like a p-trap?
  7. yamageezer

    Cooling system help.

    Cool deal thanks.
  8. yamageezer

    Merry Christmas!

    But they didn't strip!!!!!
  9. yamageezer

    Cooling system help.

    Hey guys, I have a 2010 XCW530 Six Days that I has been having some overheating problems. One problem was my radiator fan was not coming on. Fixed that but I was still over heating to the point when I would stop and shut the bike off it would not start until it cooled off. I pulled the T-Stat out and checked it and it looked like it was sticking a bit so I pulled it out and put a larger o-ring to seal the cover. Now my question is, have any of you just pulled the damn thing out and run without a stat??? I didn't have a t-stat in my WR and it ran fine and most of the dirt bikes I've ever seen don't have t-stats in them. So what do ya think???
  10. yamageezer

    StonyFord? Busy?

    QUOTE=4strokeridertt;10503884]Ride early in the morning and sit in the creek and drink beer all afternoon.
  11. yamageezer

    Less invasive hip surgery?

    If you are talking about the anterior approach yes I've had both hips done that way. I was up and moving faster then the other folks by me with the traditional surgery. I had none of the precautions that the other folks did. Also, I was pretty much able to work around the house in 4-5 weeks and back to work in 6 weeks after the doc released me. No matter which way you go it is going to kick yur ass for the first couple of weeks. The way my doc put it was; I'm going to cut, saw, and hammer on you and you are going to be sore as hell, and I was, but the joint pain relief was instant! Good luck!
  12. yamageezer

    GT conditions?

    GT SUCKS don't go....
  13. yamageezer

    Need info regarding shoulder replacement

    Do you have the option to have a shoulder resurfacing? That's what I have and I still ride...
  14. yamageezer

    Shoulder surgery recovery nightmare

    I feel your pain, I'm kinda in the same boat. I had a resurfacing of my right shoulder done at the end of September and this damn thing is still killing me. It still hurts worse than it did before the surgery. Like you too I have never been in so much pain, ever... I've had hip replacement and that did'nt hurt as bad as the shoulder...It wakes me up enery night and it hurts like hell at work all day. I just keep telling myself that it is just a long healing proccess.
  15. yamageezer

    help with shoulder pain

    If I were you, I would get in right away. The sooner you find out what is wrong the sooner you will feel better... Trust me on this one...