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  1. Steve928

    HRC kit question

    I just purchased a 650r with the entire HRC hop up kit already installed in it, except for the piston which is still in the box. I would like to run the hrc piston in it but dont know how much to mill off of the deck height of the piston. Im trying to get the compression down where the stock setting is so I can run pump gas. Does anybody know?
  2. Steve928

    bridgestone heavy duty tubes or ultra?

    The only way to go is to run the ultra heavy duties. There is nothing worse than getting a flat tire when you should be riding. Lots of baby powder inside the tire 18 psi and never worry about it again.
  3. Run a pirelli MT18 with a ultra heavy duty tube and 18psi. I race an xr650 and we had nothing but issues when we ran the heavy duty tubes with any other tire. The carcass on the Pirelli is super tough but the tire works well in just about everything. Since we switched we have not had one flat (keeping my fingers crossed). The tube we run is a bridgestone, and be sure to put plenty of baby powder inside of the tire. We didn't have problems running other tires on my crf but the heavy xr likes the tough carcass of the Pirelli. Thats the front tire Mike Childress uses on the front of his bike so there must be something to it.
  4. Steve928

    Dry clutch plates

    Thanks Tim I will give 'er a try.
  5. Steve928

    Dry clutch plates

    I've got an '02 650r. The motor is stock, except for the uncorking, with a pro circuit full system. I removed the judder spring and added the full size fiber disc in the clutch, with the heavy duty honda springs, and neither myself or my racing partner abuse the clutch. The clutch doesn't slip under a load however, when I stop then begin to go again it grabs very harsh and makes a terrible noise. When I took the clutch apart, all of the plates are dry, and yes they were soaked prior to install. I have gone through everything I can think of on the bike. Can anyone help?