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  1. Congatulations for weakening your spokes with the heat from powder coating.. Looks good sitting in the garage. Just don't jump it.
  2. fast426

    Chad Reed Crash

    That kid is such a loser Another 15 minutes of fame rider:banghead:
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    Love the white...
  4. Looking for a guard to protect my FMF Megabomb on a KTM 450 SX-F. Would prefer Carbon Fiber but anything will work really. I searched around and a few manufacturers (such as E-Line) have Honda/FMF guards but no KTM stuff.
  5. If this is what you think then you are beyond hope. BTW, the raised temps are there to burn the NOX See my above post for your other unsubstantiated claims
  6. Yeah... I kinda picked up on that after going back into his history posts!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Then you will realize that everything comes down to fuel management. So, Big deal. Let it breathe. Without adjusting fuel management etc.. you will not be gaining any considerable horsepower. Yeah, you could "chip" it. But most of the fuel will be coming out your tailpipe. It night look impressive puking blacksmoke out your tailpipe but it's all wasted fuel and gives diesels a bad rep. BTW, you ask "What is so great about this technology?" Everything. It will able you fuel guzzling Americans to keep your 3 vehicles in the driveway and use yer 1 ton duallys to run to the store for yer smokes and beer. Quoting Chickenhauler.. "C: If this great "new technology" is supposed to be the answer to all our problems, why do these motors need more frequent oil changes, run at 220F+, and struggle to get 5 mpg, can't pull to save it's life, while my "antique junk" from 1996 gets 7.5mpg grossing 80K, and walks right past them on the grades?" Total unsubstantiated claims.... 5 mpg out of a new deisel..... Yeah, Ummm...RIGHT More frequent oil changes??? Always has been 3000 miles or 5000km, hasn't it??? Anyways, with new engine oil life monitors you could run the same oil for close to 10,000 kms depending on your personal driving habits, and still meet your warranty oil change requirements. Can't pull to save it's life?????? Have you driven a new Duramax?? I can't even pull one onto the freeway on ramp on a PDI without spinning the tires. These things rip!! Another Chickenhauler quote... "Unless you're like the wise ones who toss 'em in the trashcan as soon as you get the truck home. " Yet you say.... "B: Never advocated the practice of tampering with emmissions equipment, I just reported what I have seen." Sounds like you are advocating rippin that there emissun thingy offf yer diesel pickemup
  8. I honestly can't belive there are people out there that are so scared of technology. And I honestly can't believe this statement came from a forum moderator!!! Tsk...Tsk... Don't worry it won't bite! These entire systems are built around their emission equipment. Leave it alone and you will make the power and milage the factory advertises Screw with it and feel the wrath of the technology demons:prof: It's not the 80's any more guys. You just don't start hacking these systems:banghead: The hillbillies have started defeating these systems before they have even left the production floor! Oh well, you guys keep on destroying these systems...... Keeps me working:thumbsup:
  9. fast426

    426 conversion finally complete!

    Awesome job! Did you paint or powdercoat the frame? In the second finished pic it looks almost like it has a wrinkle finish. I'm getting a 450 this spring, so I think my old 426 will be getting a summer face lift.
  10. Yeah, the old Chevys came stock with a dual cardan joint like the assembled shaft in the pics on the site link. I was calling it a C/V joint...oooops. My issue is the working angle of the dual cardan. It's binding because of the sharp downward angle to the front diff. When the front end goes to full droop the angle is even worse and snaps off the centering ball within the cardan joint. I tried to clearance the dual cardan "housing" so it would increase the working angle of the shaft but the ujoints are now stretching the yokes. The shaft is now junk so if I could find the proper shaft I would buy it. The type of shaft I've seen, and am referring to is a tripot or constant velocity style that is completely sealed with a boot. Kinda like a front axle shaft on the post '88 Chevys. The one I was looking at had something like a 60 degree working angle. Man, I wish I could remember the name of the manufacturer. Full compression and extension of the shaft I had was OK as it had a long travel, coarse spline like the one in the pics. I had measured the travel and It was working in the middle half of the splines with lots of room at each end. I had rotated the rear diff pads on the housing to get a better U-joint angle in the rear. Then fabbed a t-case mount to bring the U-joint angles to within 1 degree of each other. No vibes from the rear now, but it made the front shaft angle unacceptable.
  11. Nice site. I see they have the 12" slip yoke shaft. The C/V in the picture almost looks like a conventional C/V that I keep shearing the centering ball off of though. I had a name for a Enclosed C/V style shaft that has been used in everything from daily drivers to monster trucks, but I can't find the name anymore. It had a working angle of 60 degrees+. The stock style only has an angle of about 30 degrees I think. Thanks for the link. I'll e-mail them and see if they can dig something up.
  12. Anyone know a source to fab a high angle front driveshaft that will be going into an '81 Chevy with 12" of lift? Would prefer a Canadian source to save duties etc.. but would be willing to get it in the U.S. if need be.
  13. fast426

    Ebay Stories

    I hear housing prices are going down in the U.S. Maybe you should move there.
  14. fast426

    Silverado owners!

    Gee.... Over 320,000 kms and he had to do the tranny??? He should have got at least 700,000 out of that baby! (over 300k out of a truck tranny is pretty good)
  15. fast426

    Silverado owners!

    Check the cooling system out well. Intake gasket corners, waterpump, block heater etc.. If the intake gaskets haven't been done you will be doing them in the future. A '95 could have TBI or multiport. If it has TBI you will be sucking quite a bit of gas. We get 12-14 mpg on the highway with our '94. We've got over 200,000 kms on it and I've done the intake gaskets at 120k and complete (everything) fluid changes every 50K, including tranny flush and filter. Did a heater blower motor (common) at 100k, front brakes at 100k (normal), minor tune ups every 50k (plugs,filters), major tune up (plug wires/cap/rotor etc.) at 150k, fuel filter every 3 or 4 oil changes (20k). Good solid trucks, just keep it maintained. Would never get rid of ours.