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  1. the small o-ring at the back of the oil filter is also missing, this would let unfiltered oil cycle thru and not help matters, may even be the cause after 3000 km?
  2. mutualbill, if this was the land of fairytales and money trees Eddie would have it in his hands. Luckily there's a 35 yr vet mechanic down the road with his own golden wrench if needed.
  3. dunno what else i could verify. suggestions? incorrectly checking the oil tank level on these is fairly common.
  4. noted one of eddie's comments on confirming oil pressure on the drz: "they have very little can check for oil flow by removing the 6mm bolt right above the cam chain tensioner.start the bike.oil should immediately flow out.if not,you have a issue." is that a sufficient oil pressure test to say its good to go?
  5. mike, good question... out the pipe i guess with the condition of the piston. that was every drop from the frame tank, filter, sump... well 325ml if we wanna be generous. how can i check that there's sufficient oil flow from the pump without the special suzuki oil pressure gauge? Ryan
  6. hi folks, i'm the guy workin on qball's bike. the cams are still minty, the valves have some carbon build up but are still sealing well, no signs of hitting the piston, and the cam chain and timing are still good. the clearances were a tad tight on the exhaust before ripping it open but not bad (0.17 vs. .2-.3). the wrist pin and crank are still like new as well. the bike has 25,000 hard km on her and looks to be just a ring failure, maybe from overheating. here's a pic of the piston...
  7. i used the dvp needle as its a bit smaller diameter (like the guys said earlier), but will try the 4th and 5th clips yet, and a larger 188 main. i'm using a UNI pod filter that allows a lot more air. definitely more grunt over stock but i can feel there's more to be had as its not great over the whole curve yet.
  8. no worries, i'm watching this thread for help to solve my jetting too. 07 610sm 185 main obDVP needle, 3rd clip 45 pilot others are stock, a/p modified open air filter and leo slip on issue is WOT it falls on its face. i'm eagerly awaiting my innovate wideband kit to get'er right.
  9. that 4k stumble is most often cured by 610 owners with an iridium spark plug Cr8eix and/or unplugging the throttle position sensor.
  10. oil is ok, good to know thanks. not a pressure issue tho, its stiff running or not, hot or cold. we just ordered a spring from a 250 that uses a different part # but same size to see if its softer than these and go from there. more ideas welcome in the meantime tho... thanks for putting up with my quest for answers to a mediocre problem!
  11. when i had the cover off to replace the springs i did watch for any binding or wear and nothing there. it has 6 clutch springs and i took 3 out to see how that felt and it was much better. my 250f has 5 springs but i didn't pull that one apart to compare... too much work! so i just pulled the slave again to double check things in there. the slave piston actuates very smooth against my thumb and feels nice and light on the lever even when i resist the piston as hard as i can. the rod slides in and out perfectly as well. so the only explanation i can come to is the springs are the culprit here and its normal for this model and year. the only question is the bit of motor oil in the slave cavity (see pic) thats getting past the seal or rod. is that telling of another problem or no big deal? i doubt this is related to the clutch feel as there's so little in there to affect it, and when i wiped it out and bolted up the slave, the lever was still stiff.
  12. haha! thats what i told him
  13. right, i thought it could any of those problems... but like i said, i put on the hardware from my 250f that is already known to work excellent, and then it felt stiiiiiff when installed on the 520.
  14. already tried new oem springs and it didn't change. the slave and piston wall looked mint too.
  15. well i took my master and braided line and put it on his 520. no change!? stiff clutch even with the hardware from my 250f. what the frick? so what is in that slave or elsewhere that can cause this and what to do about it?