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  1. Delaware

    The will be open tomorrow
  2. Maryland

    Blue Diamond will have a few wet spots we will probaly be watering sat. afternoon.
  3. It's bigger than a football field trying to get the lap times around 1 min.
  4. First I like to say my prayers go out to his family and second you should get your facts right before you post it did not happen @ Blue Diamond. Thanks Alan DeCarlo
  5. Canada and Brazil on Weds. at Blue Diamond
  6. Come out and try the new Fox Boot line
  7. We are running the track the other way this weekend should be fun
  8. Sorry I tried to make it look the flyer
  9. Nov 5th 4th Annual Fall Classic $2000 Cash Purse Plus 120% For 125A and 250A Sponsored by Your Local Amsoil Dealers All other A classes are 120% Amateur Classes 5’ Trophies Every 50cc rider gets an award Classes 125A,B,C 250A,B,C +40A,B +25A,B VetA,B,C Women Collegeboy 85cc 7-11 85cc 12-13 85cc 14-15 65cc 7-9 65cc 10-11 Junior-mini 50cc 4-6 50cc 7-8 50cc oil 4-8 Supermini 12-15 Schoolboy 12-15 Fourstroke Open 125 unlimited 2-stroke ONLY
  10. And auction for Mark Garvey he was injured in Texas and is know in for more info on him go to Thanks Alan D
  11. Right know he has no fealing from the waist down
  12. Delaware First Federal Credit Union C/O "mark Garvey Fund" 600 North Broad Street Middletown, De. 19709 Injured on Sunday while leading his moto at Lake Whitney
  13. You don't have be a Blue Diamond member the day before a race if you are a Delmarva member and are going to race the next day. We will have sign up on saturday night from 5 till 8 and sunday @6 am till 9 riders meeting @ 8:15 practice to follow. Thanks
  14. we are building on at Blue Diamond hoping to have it ready to start racing next weekend for the first race on march 4
  15. Yes we will be open @ 10:00 From Mr BD himself