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  1. kamaboko

    Radiator lowering kit

    Has anyone installed a radiator lowering kit? Its suppposed to help lower the center of gravity and help with the handling. From what company and was the install easy and worth it? Thanks in advance.
  2. kamaboko

    Radiator lowering kits

    Has anyone installed a radiator lowering kit? It is claimed to lower the center of gravity & improve handling. What brand and was it worth the hassle of installing it? thanks in advance.
  3. Anyone compared headers a Pro Circuit vs. FMF Powerbomb vs. stock? Any comments or opinions?
  4. kamaboko

    Air Filters

    Twin air for me
  5. kamaboko


    I had Tech 8 and they were fine. After awhile I got fed up with needing pliers to get the buckles off. The Sidi Crossfire buckles are easy to use and you don't have to mess around with the booties. Super comfortable.
  6. kamaboko

    Sag adjustment by yourself?

    Has anyone tried one of these out?..http://asvinventions.com/SAG_Scale/index.html
  7. kamaboko

    Preferred Slip-on?

    I've tried a repacked stock "R" can and works good. I'm currently using a Pro Circuit 496 w/sparky and it is quieter, yet more mid-top punch.
  8. kamaboko

    Devol vs Factory Connection

    Factory Connection. I friend of mine had his CRF450x done. Plush & awesome control. Plus FC will revalve if you are not satisfied. Check out their website for more info. They will even shorten if the owner requests.
  9. kamaboko

    05 CRF450R exhaust works great & cheap

    Replaced the x with R headpipe and muffler. I bought a used one and after repacking the muffler, got a nice tone with good all around power. Thinking of trying another headpipe. Anyone tried a Pro Circuit or FMF megabomb header with good results?
  10. kamaboko

    Clutch kit, stock or aftermarket?

    I've been thinking of replacing my clutch. Should I go with stock clutch kit, plates and springs, etc. OR should I go with aftermarket and which one is recommended, Barnett, EBC, etc. Would stiffer springs make it stiff at the clutch lever on the bars? Comments, please.
  11. kamaboko

    Suspension revalve suggestions

    Thanks for the suggestions. Sounds like Precision Concepts is the way to go. Straight answers were a great help.
  12. kamaboko

    Pc496 ?

    If its the Pro Circuit 496, slip on muffler, not sure about the fit for a '08, but it fits my '05. I like it, has a good rollon power, good mid and great top end. Good design and smooths out the mid-hit, also comes with a spark arrestor. I like it better than a stock X or stock R can.
  13. kamaboko

    Suspension revalve suggestions

    Where to go for a good revalve and range of prices. Some shops have exotic coatings and special parts. I am looking for a plusher ride on hardpack to intermediate terrain. Outdoor and woods and fast trails, not too much moto-x. Considering Precision Concepts, Factory Connection , Pro Circuit, Enzo. Is a basic revalve good enough or would a full-tilt with all the special spring seats, oil lock collars, pressure springs, coatings, etc have major benefits? How much should I budget for the parts and labor? Any recommendations are appreciated.
  14. kamaboko

    Which exhaust?

    If on a budget, try a '05 R muffler, it will add some snap in the midrange & good top, but louder. I tried a Pro Circuit 496 w/SA and it has good all around power over stock or even better than the R muffler. Nice tone, not too loud.
  15. kamaboko

    Front End Pushing

    Get a new front tire, I use a MT-18 HD. The stock one is junk. Set race sag at 100mm., move forks up in triple clamp 3 to 5mm. I run a cut down seat to get lower seat height and it helps in cornering.