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  1. Whisky

    Siamoto Birdie BD 50 Derestriction

    thanks for the help, i'll check them out
  2. Whisky

    Siamoto Birdie BD 50 Derestriction

    i've not got a clue what Engine it is, sorry, i can send pics if it helps. i'm looking for the cheapest way to derestrict this, 16yr old on a buget here! i've been told the de restrictions are probably electric.
  3. Hey guys, Newbie here. I bought a Siamoto Birdie BD 50 a month ago and i want to de-restrict it. this is a 4 stroke moped so i guessed this would be the best place to come to. Any help would be very helpful. many thanks, Whisky worldsworstguitarist@hotmail.com