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  1. It's a 2003, but only has 370 miles on it. I guess it could be the chain guide, but the noise sounds like it is coming from the front. Like right were the head pipe is. Maybe it is the oil cooler protective screen hitting the oil cooler or the fender hitting the screen at speed.
  2. On the way home from the dealer I heard a noise coming from the front of the bike. I had heard this noise every once and a while before, but now it was worst and more consistant. It is an anoying ticking sound, like pebbles hitting a tin can or like the noise your hear after you park your car as it cools down. Before when I heard this noise I thought it might be road dirt hitting the exhaust, but it is to consistant and the highway was clean. I tried different speeds,RPMs and clutch in and out. If I rev the bike in neutral at a stop,no noise. Rev the bike in gear, clutch in coasting no noise at any speed. The noise is at 50 mph and at 70 mph in 4th or 5th. Since it occurs at different speeds in either gear, I dont think it is speed RPM dependent. I also can hear it at lower speed, but it is less consistent. The only differnece from before is the weather. I rode the bike in 70 to 80 degree f weather before and today it was 50 degrees. Could this be the exhaust reacting to the weather or the fins on the engine ticking. I don't have much experince with air cooled thumpers so I don't know if this is normal. Maybe it is an exhaust leak. I checked if anything was loose before and again now. Everything appears to be tight. I couldn't see anything wrong while I was riding, but I had a full face helmet. I think I will try taping a microphone in various places, recording while riding to locate the noise. It is a noise that is driving me crazy. Any ideas would be greatfully appreciated. I don't feel like having to go back to the dealer and loose the bike for more time, but I will probably call them on Tuesday to see if they have any ideas.
  3. I finally got around to bringing the bike to the dealer. When I got there and turned the bike over to them it didn't seem like it was going to be done under warranty. I told them I understand the warranty was up , but the bike has only 300 miles now and the shock shows no physical damage (i.e. shaft not nicked or peeling). They siad they would let me know. I called a week later and they said they hadn't got to it yet, but said it was next on the list. Week two came and I called and got some good news. They said that they had ordered a shock and were going to replace it under warranty. I was very relieved and happy. I asked if they could do a first service on the bike, because I don't think the original owner did any service. So they said they would check everything and change the oil and filter. He said it would cost about $50. I said go ahead and do the service since I would be saving a boatload of money on the shock. Well at least $160 if I went for a rebuild. After the call I was happy, but suspicious that I would still get screwed when I pick up the bike. After exactly three weeks, I got the call, the shock is installed and the service will be done by the end of the day. I told them I would pick it up the next day. Well it is now 50 degrees F in my area,so I got together some riding gear and got a ride to the shop. I got to the shop and got the paperwork. The bill was for $95, so I asked why, when I was expecting a $50 bill. They said an hour for labor, filter, and oil. I said Ok because I felt I was getting off easy on the shock. I guess they charged me for the labor on the waranteed shock. The guy that I paid said he was sorry about the delay, but the shock was backordered from Suzuki. I left the shop and suited up for my first ride on the bike in three weeks. As, I was leaving I started talking to one of the service guys. He said everybody in service didn't think it was going to be waranteed. I said who made the decision. He said Suzuki (probably the area service rep) said to replace the shock under waranty. He thinks they might be aware of a problem with the shocks (sislent recall?). I don't know how reputable the information is that he told me. I am just glad it's fixed. I guess I was just lucky or someone just felt bad about my situation.
  4. Who is ESP and how do I contact them? Is Jesse Keintech?
  5. Well, I solved the idle issue. I cleaned the carb, rejetted, and installed a K&N filter. Bike runs much better and will now lift the front wheel in first. I can't wait till it is fully broken in. The rear shock stopped leaking oil, but I think because the is probably very little oil left in it. I still have to bring it to the dealer. When you do the airbox mod, do you put the airbox cover back on or do you leave it on? Also, are there any cheap slipon exhausts like in the $100 to $200 range?
  6. Thanks for the info. I called the dealer and told them the situation. I told them I new it was out of warranty, but not that far out and it only had 200 miles. He said he never saw that happen on the DR series. He said I should bring it in so that can look at it and they will call the Suzuki rep and see what they can do for me. I hope this means that they will fixed it under warrant because of the low miles. We'll see. I will keep you posted.
  7. I just bought a 2003 DR650SE with 200 on it. It looks like it is new, but it won't idle unless the choke is on. When driving if you take the choke of it misfires when using engine braking. It will stall if you don't rev it at idle. When on full choke it runs fine. The second problem is that the rear shock is leaking oil. I can't believe the shock seals going bad after 2 years and 200 miles. Is the stock shock rebuildable or do I have to buy a new one? Any recomendations for a place to rebuild the shock?