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  1. The first round of the AMA MX outdoor nationals are May 24-25. That would be a good time to come out to Cali.
  2. I run 15-49 for MX/GP type racing
  3. The track at Firebird is run by Whiplash, (or people close to them) I hope they will use it as part of the GP track for Bikes and Quads. That will make the race a real GP like they have at Speedworld.
  4. W.E.R. http://werproducts.net fender mount, adjustable, simple
  5. 2003 had 46mm fork. In 2004 they went to 48mm forks. You well need larger triple clamps. But they are better components.
  6. It is stamped on the body of the MC
  7. Go south down sunland gin to the sawtooth mtns. or you can play around at CG mtn. But be careful and dont get caught on the RES. they will take your bike !!
  8. I cut it out using a pair of scissors. just make sure you get all of the wire that may be loose, you don't want that going through the engine. I did this before adding a slip-on and it had a more noticeable gain than the pipe.
  9. Why not get a dubach header?
  10. With the screen removed and the jetting right it will accelerate much quicker.
  11. I cut my screen out and had to go up on the main jet then experimented with the needle clip position. Also put in the twinair air filter
  12. I live in Casa Grande and have a puller you can borrow if you still need it. I sent you a pm.
  13. I would like to change my 03 yz450f from a MXer to a dirt track racer. Anyone have any advise about lowering the suspension or mellowing out the dampening? How about engine tuning? Your thoughts please Thanks SK
  14. I used to have that problem, but after having my coumpter de-buged it works just fine. I am on cox cable.