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  1. whirlypig

    Jan 1st TNT in SC

    My son & I were there. Even more people than last year! We rode the trails mostly, a little bit on the small track in the back. We have a pair of CRF230Fs. We've done that Trail of Tears once, a few months back. Never been so tired! and it was late in the day so the sun was casting long shadows, making it even harder. We'll be back soon. Hopefully it won't be a month like it was this time. -m-
  2. whirlypig

    Second Bi-annual TT ride at Brown

    I'm fortunate to have some first aid training and medical types for parents, so handling these things is not too bad. TOTALLY different story for my wife - she does not do well. Still, it's hard to see your children in pain. My son's list of injuries is long with skateboarding, trick-biking, and now dirt bikes as his passions. -m-
  3. whirlypig

    Second Bi-annual TT ride at Brown

    Thanks! He actually got right back on the bike last night and rode a half-mile to the house. He's a tough one. He's really sore today, but still wanting to get to the DMV for his learner's permit. He said this was a warm up for bigger wrecks on the dirtbike. I told him to wear his riding gear next time he pedals away...
  4. whirlypig

    Second Bi-annual TT ride at Brown

    Looks like my son and I will not make the trip this weekend. The lad had a bicycle accident last night - major road rash on the right wrist, same from the left wrist up to the shoulder, three stiches to close the chin, abrasions on the left side of his face and concerns of a concussion. He's really sore! I don't think he'll be up for the trip. I don't know that I'll make it without him this time. Bummer all the way around. If I don't make it, I hope everyone has a safe ride. We'll look forward to the next time! -m-
  5. whirlypig

    Second Bi-annual TT ride at Brown

    Hi all, new member here. My son and I just spent our first day at Brown on Saturday. We had a blast! Is the October ride open for us new guys? We've got a pair of CRF230's and really enjoyed Brown as TNT had been our only place 'til this past weekend. I'm just back on wheels after a 17 year absence and the lad, at 16yo, has been at it since December. We'd likely be up for the trip. -m-
  6. whirlypig

    People over 30 still ridin dirt

    Right in the middle 40's here and back on wheels after 17 years. Picked up a pair of CRF230Fs for my son & I to raise a little dust. So far, so great! - new member, first post here - -m-