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  1. DParker

    I did it again Dr Mark

    Dr Mark Well, I did it again this time on a bicycle getting in shape for dirt biking. Last night went for a ride and clipped to post that blocks cars from entering the bike trail at road crossings. Went right over the bars and landed on my right shoulder and back. ER doc says one broken rib, 5% colapsed lung and an AC shoulder seperation. I think its a grade 2 judging by the pain and range of motion I have. Attached are the X-rays from the ER. Can you give me your opinion on what to do. You repaired my left clavical in August 2008 after the Dr from Illinois messed me up with one of those Rockwood screw and pin jobs. You did a wonderful job and I have been enjoying 100% recovery ever since. After my ordeal with the Illinois Dr. I don"t trust any other Ortho opinion but yours. Thanks Dr Mark Doug Parker
  2. DParker

    Shattered Collar bone and Doc runaround

    Hey Brout Don't screw around with any other Doc unless he can give you a satisfied customer list (not going to happen ) Dr Mark is a for sure thing. I broke mine and got scewed with the pin by another Doc. It did not heal and I lost a whole year to something that should have been 3 months max. Dr Mark fixed my C-bone 7-29-08 and I was back riding with no problems 10-1-08.
  3. DParker

    clavicle repair

    Hey Dr Mark That was the most unbelievable thing I have ever watched. Thanks for posting it up. No wonder my knee hurt I did not know hammers are used in ortho surgery. I got some of those tools in my garage!!!
  4. DParker

    collar bone surgery

    Hey KTM2 Glad to hear its going well. I had the same screw in my c-bone. It has threads just like a deck screw. All I can say is be very gentle with your c-bone once they take it out. Mine came apart after they removed the pin/screw. Everyone is diffent and I hope you have better luck then me.
  5. DParker

    Another Dr Mark success story

    Thanks to all you other guys in the c-bone club who helped me make a informed dicision to go see Dr Mark
  6. I thought I would post another testament to the fine Dr's work. Just got the Ok from Dr Mark my C-bone is good to go. The first 3 pics are of my failed c-bone repair by the bone headed ortho who put a pin in me for 10 weeks needless to say it did not work. The last 2 pics are 9 weeks after Dr Mark fixed me, big difference don't you think. Anyway got a big weekend planed, goin riding for the fist time. St. Joe state park MO. YA-HOO Don,t worry I'll take it easy but I got to ride!!!!! http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm274/dsprider/doug1-1.jpg http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm274/dsprider/doug2-1.jpg http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm274/dsprider/doug3-1.jpg http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm274/dsprider/doug4.jpg http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm274/dsprider/doug5.jpg
  7. DParker

    collar bone surgery

    Dr mark is refering to me -Doug from Chicago. DON'T LET ANYONE PUT A PIN IN YOUR COLAR BONE!!!!!!! I broke mine riding last summer 7-29-07 My Ortho said wait 8 weeks and see if it heals by itself. Then after that did not work He said lets put a pin in there and it will be all better- what a joke!! I was in constant pain the whole time the pin was inside me. I had better range of motion before the pin than after. Then after the pin was removed things were much better and I thought I was good to go. I even did some very easy riding. After about 8 weeks after the pin was removed my shoulder started feeling weak and had lots off clicks and pops while moving the joint. I went to see the doc again for what I thought was my final check-up. He took another xray and says to me he wants to plate my colarbone because it has not healed coorectly. I wanted to choke the guy right then and there. I asked him about plating the c-bone before the first surgery but he said the pin was a much better option. Then I found Dr Mark here on thr forum and started reading and got educated. Please don't make the mistake I made you will suffer greatly if you go with the pin. I am now 6 weeks post op and my c-bone feels great. I will be sending new xrays to Dr Mark to make sure I'll all healed up just like all the others on TT. If you want any info on the pin procedure call me 224-629-6410 I would hate to see aanyone go though what I went through. I lost a hole year because off misguided Ortho Doc.
  8. DParker

    Update on the clavicle injury/ repair with x-ray pics

    Hey Chris I am so sorry to read about your situation. I to got screwed by a bad Doc. I can't believe there are so many out there cutting on unknowing victims. My first doc put a 8" threaded rod though my c-bone and said wait 10weeks for it to heal. I was in consyant pain the whole time. The rod was removed and after another 3 months the bone was a non-union. I found Dr Mark and am know 3 weeks post op. No pain and 90% rom. Take control of your own health care, no one will look out for you, you have to do it yourself. I know it's exspensive but compared to a life with a bum should it's money well spent. If I had known about Dr Mark I would have been on a plain to Houston the week after my wreck. Good luck to you
  9. Deffinetly bring oversized button down shirts, much more easy to work with. Feel free to call me if you want to talk 847-639-0608 I am 4 days post op Doug Parker
  10. Thanks for the advice guys. I am very glad to have my C-bone made right. I have no pain and can move it pretty well. The leg is feeling better today as well. Thanks again DR Mark can't wait to get back on my Bike.
  11. Well just got home from Houston, Dr Mark Fixed me up good. I walked into his office the day after sergury,He pulled of the babdage and had me raise my arm over my head. I could not believe it. Then Ed worked me over real good. Do any of you clavical guys have any advise on how to get though the first week? My leg is really sore from the bone graft, I think walking though the airport and the 2 hr flight did not help me. I requested wheelchairs but that was a no show. Air travel really sucks these days! Thanks DR Mark!!
  12. DParker

    Help with broken collarbone DR Mark.

    I broke my c-bone last year in July. I just booked my surgury with Dr Mark today for 7-28-08. The first Doc that cut me was a moroon!!! He said I would be fine by inserting a 7" steel screw to line up my C-bone. I was in constant paid for 2 1\2 months while the bone healed with the screw in me. He took out the screw in January and I felt good again but not much stenght in my arm. That was followed by 3 months of follow up appiontments where I paid good money for X-rays that never looked any different to me, But hey what do I know I'm not a Doc. At the last appointment 4-22-08 the doc tells me the bone has not healed and says he wants to plate it this time. After restaining myself from chocking him I left and posted on this forum. As you all know Dr Mark responded within minutes ( I think there are really two Dr Marks one monitors TT 24/7 looking for new paitents and the other one is busy fixing all of us?? ) Anyway my point is don't mess around get it fixed right the first time or you will be reliving my story. Dr Mark- I am really looking forward to my visit, can't wait to meet you and get this fixed for good.
  13. DParker

    Dr Mark please advise

    Dr Mark I got a funny call on the way home from work today. Its the Doc who put the pin in my clavical. He now says I should try a bone stimulator. What have you got to loose, he says. I think this sounds like a waist of time. He suggested a Exogen Bone stimulator, what do you think?
  14. DParker

    Dr Mark please advise

    Hey Scotty Can you tell me a little more about your surgery with Dr Mark. I called his phone number today and almost fell over when He answered the phone himself. I was exspeting to get the receptionist at his clinic. I am 46 years old and have never been able to talk to a Doctor on the phone, I was pretty inpressed. I am consiering waiting till the fall to get this fixed. This summer is my last summer to ride with my son before he goes to college don"t want to miss that. Thanks Doug
  15. DParker

    Dr Mark please advise

    Thank you Dr Mark for helping all us dirt bikers. Heres my story. I had a pretty bad get off last summer 7-29-07 at my local track. Broke the left clavical and 7 ribs in 10 places. Doc says lets wait and see if it heals by it self. 10 weeks later he says its no good you will need surgery and wants to install a 6inch rod/screw through my clavical. This thing looks like a giant deck screw with a nut on the end. Had the surgery 10-10-07. I was in more pain after surgery and for the next 10 weeks while the bone healed then after the accident. It was a very bad time. Doc put me under again 12-22-07 and removed the rod. I felt great right after the 2nd surgery and had much inproved range of motion. I thought I was on the road to recovery even went riding again 3-31-08 for the first time with know problems. Over the last 3 to 4 weeks I have started feeling more ticks and pops when moving my left arm. I just saw the Doc today for what I thought was my last follow up appt. He now says the bone is not healed and will most likely get worse. He wants to do another surgery and this time put in a plate. I wish I would have found this forum last summer, could you please have a look at my xrays and give your opinion. I can't believe I might have to go through this again:mad: Thanks again for your help it's greatly appreciated Doug