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  1. bobes

    KTM 07 525exc. Supermotard kit ??

    Sweeet as , im leaning towards the 530 too its gona bite the pocket a lil but it will be worth it in the end , also KTM has a motard kit i just found out for $3300 i rekon thats a lil steep but it comes with wheels and tyres and full brake calipers and rotors which then doesnt sound as bad to me should i follow that path or sort all out the wheels and brakes myself ??
  2. bobes

    KTM 07 525exc. Supermotard kit ??

    That all sounds good to me , cheers for the advice . As i have not yet purchased a bike my options are either a 08 530exc or either a 07 450exc as i know the 530 will be hard to pass up yet i can get a great deal on 450exc which would you choose if u had the choice ?? money is slightly tight goin for a 08 model as i will do a majority of riding around the roads , what would anyone reccomend ?
  3. Hey guys just wondering as im looking into a KTM525 exc or possibly a new 2008 530exc for bascially getting around town and to work so it has to be road legal, and what to fit up a full front and rear wheel kit without all the hassles , i basically want to go into a shop buy the lot including brakes if i have to and bolt it up, is this possible and who or where can i go find out ?? I have had a few ppl say that KTM do a whole kit as im not too fimilar with the brand , will this setup work for busting round the streets and should i look out for any problems doing so , ur input would be much helpfull cheers ! :ride: