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  1. This is the exact problem I am having with an '04 z400. I had to replace the cases after the chain broke took a chunk out of them. Gonna pull it and clean. Hope it helps. Thanks !!!
  2. Suzuki

    Know of a good machine shop in the Tampa area or a reliable one I can ship it to?
  3. Suzuki

    That may have happened... When I started it, one of the intake valve tappet's crumbled...timing looked good, I thought maybe the tappet was stuck or not aligned. New parts should be in this week. Thanks
  4. Suzuki

    I found the cheapest price from 100 less than others. Unless you found used parts.
  5. Suzuki

    Got the motor back together over the weekend, not too bad following the manual. But unfortunately, It started for a second or two, then stopped. One of the intake valves bent and crushed the valve tappet. The timing looked good according to the manual, but I think it must have been off a tooth to bend the valve. Oh well buying some more parts.
  6. Suzuki

    What did you have done? I am in the middle of replacing my casings and could do some head work...
  7. Getting ready to re-assemble and was wondering if anyone out there has done this? Got a few tips regarding bearing installation. But how about transmission? When splitting the old casing ,the shifter cam moved and not sure where the forks were. I have a service manual, but don't think there was much info about it. 2004 z400
  8. I have to replace my crankcase (chain craked casing behind shifter) on a Z400. Shouln't be much different, do you think? I was anticipating parts falling out. Have to read manual first...
  9. Suzuki

    I figured as much. Ordered manual, gasket set and cases. Thanks
  10. Suzuki

    Has anyone had to replace the crankcase ? My son was riding and the chain came off, cracked the case behind the shifter shaft. About an inch or more of the casing is gone. A friend said there is a bearing that should be replaced (Crank bearing?). Is this true and if so, what other parts shold be replaced while it is apart? btw, 2004 z400, not too many hours on it, no racing, just kids casual riding. Thanks
  11. I go there almost every Sunday, but wanted to camp out or hit the hotel. Was thinking of trailer wheel locks not to mention the bikes are already cabled and locked inside the trailer. Thanks
  12. Have there been many bikes and/or trailers stolen there lately? Wanted to take my kids up there some weekend. Recently purchased an enclosed trailer and sure as hell don't want it ripped off.
  13. July 1 to end of June...
  14. I have an '02. Like it alot, no problems at all.Tow a 6.5x12 trailer 2 bikes and a 4-wheeler. Truck has no problem with towing. The only downside is only 16 miles per gallon...Less when towing...
  15. Suzuki

    hmf performance pipe, dyno jet kit, live in florida