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  1. I was riding my friends Vrod and ran out of clearance going around a corner. I ended up dragging the exhaust. It was $360 for just the lower tip of the exhaust pipe. It's probably cheaper to purchase a TE610 than to repair the Dyna if you would drop it on a dirt road.
  2. I bought my Husky in the crate. Setup was a little more involved than just backing the bike out of the crate and putting the mirrors on. With a Husky, reasonable setup fees are not a scam - the dealer actually has to do some assembly on the bike. That being said, it was very enjoyable putting the bike together and knowing it was done right. I will buy my next Husky (or any other bike) in the crate if possible.
  3. Can you tell if the high beam in the HID version could be replaced with the high beam from the halogen version?
  4. The TE610 and SM610 have different headlamp assemblies and lamps. While my SM610 doesn't recreate daylight like a VFR, I have found the headlamp to be decent/adequate. The commonly known issues I have had with my SM610 are the fuel petcock sending wire leak (petcock was replaced under warranty) and the auto-retract kickstand (solved with a grinder and a cut-off wheel). The only other issue I have had that doesn't seem to be common is some coolant leaks due to the OEM coolant hose "clips". I replaced the "clips" with stainless steel worm drive hose clamps (available at most auto parts or hardware stores) and haven't had an issues since.
  5. Wheeling Cycle Supply has chain rollers for $10. You will still need to find a bolt.
  6. Here is a link to the instructions from Marc Parnes:
  7. I use my bike on the street for play and transportation so here are my reasons for buying a 610 over a 450/510: 1: Ignition key - I leave the bike unattended at places other than my house. Even at 300+ lbs. this isn't going to stop someone from carrying it away. 2: Larger gas tank - I want to ride and not worry about having to find fuel in order to get home. I can easily go over 100 miles on a tank even with some quality flogging. 3: Low fuel light - Due to not being worried about running out of fuel with the larger tank the bike needs to remind me that I can't ride forever on 3 gallons. 4: Larger oil capacity - I enjoy working on my bike but I would rather spend more time riding and less time doing maintenance. 5: Screw and lock nut valve adjustment - again, less time required for maintenance. 6: Cooling fan - I get stuck in traffic sometimes. 7: "Better" headlight - I ride at night. 8: Heat shield on exhaust - I wear textile riding gear and don't want to melt it. 9: Rear rack - I have a small tail bag mounted at all times - it makes the bike much more useful and ugly. The 610's limits are higher than my abilities so the more laid-back nature of the 610 works for me.
  8. My street bikes run off the transmission shaft at the counter sprocket. I wish they ran off the front wheel so gearing changes wouldn't screw up the speedo.
  9. My local dealers were asking MSRP for DRZ400SM so it cost me $100 more for my SM610. The Husky was a no-brainer for me. On a side note, I had my Husky inspected at the local Suzuki dealer. You would think I rode in on the most exotic bike ever made. Half the employees in the dealership came outside to look at it . I guess for $100 more dollars they would buy the Husky too!
  10. I thought the speedo pickup was on the front brake rotor? If so, the only thing that should affect your speedo is a different diameter tire/rim.
  11. I purchased my bike from Heinen's. The petcock on my SM610 started leaking fuel around low fuel sensor wire. I made one phone call to Heinen's and had a replacement petcock at my door in 2 weeks. I consider this good service. It would have taken a week to get a part for my Japanese bikes from a local dealer.
  12. I am using a Marsee 11 Liter Rocket Pocket seat bag on my SM610 with the factory rack. It's not big enough to hold a helmet but it will hold gloves, liners, and take out food. I purchased it from Newenough.
  13. Harley Davidsons are shipped from the factory with mufflers. It's not the bike's fault the owner put straight pipes on it after he purchased it.
  14. I received my 2006 SM610 in the crate. The headlamp switch was not installed from the factory.
  15. If you want a bike that doesn't vibrate, don't buy a thumper. It's the nature of the beast. My 610 doesn't vibrate "viciously" at any RPM but it never lets you forget it's running. My 610 is not melting its plastics. The stock turn signals melt if the second spacer on the rear turn signals is not installed when the bike is assembled. The second spacer moves the signal past the exhaust outlet.