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  1. priscturb

    different length spokes

    I've got Excel Diamond Polished 302 stainless, they came 18 short and 18 long but I will try it the way you said thanks.
  2. priscturb

    different length spokes

    Trying to install new spokes and new excel rims on stock hubs, got the front one perfect. Got to the rear and removed all spokes and then realized there are 2 different lengths of 18ea anyone know how they go back is it the shorter on one side, or the outer are longer vice versa?
  3. priscturb

    Rmz forks

    Thanks, thats been very helpful.....
  4. priscturb

    Rmz forks

    So according to your thread 01-present rm 47mm will work. Can I use the 01-present rm triple tree with that? Or 04-present 250 forks and triple tree? Is this correct?
  5. priscturb

    Rmz forks

    Can I fit Rmz usd forks on a 2001 Drz400s. I know this question has probably been asked before. I dont know anything about offsets and just want to know what will work. I am a heavy guy and need a little better suspension up front. If the Rmz forks do fit, can I use the Rmz tripple tree? or what would be the easiest and most cost effective way to do this and retain my speedo. Rm forks? What year? I dont want it to break my wallet. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. priscturb

    Excel rims

    I have a 2001 Drz400 S with 100 miles on it, I just like the way the black rims look. My spokes and nipples look brand new but when I remove them I could probably tell better. Spokes cost about 140, I wonder if that money is better spent elsewhere.
  7. priscturb

    Excel rims

    Does anyone know if I need to change spokes and nipples if I'm adding a set of excel rims to my stock hubs? And should I get the factory size wheels or other?
  8. priscturb

    help!! Similar problem with fuel in cylinder

    Petcock is brand new and when I leave it on ON and remove the fuel line, nothing comes out but whats in the line itself. I believe the fuel thats leaking is not new fuel but somehow the fuel in the carb. Only so much comes out, then it stops. I think it has to be something in the carb. Anyone had a problem like this?
  9. New to TT, I have an 01 drz400 with fuel in cylinder, petcock seems to be working properly. I have fuel coming out of the header, pipe connection and bike is vapor locking if left over 2 days without starting. Recently put fmf q pipe when trouble started. I will check carb, 3x3 mod and add jet kit this weekend, any help on stopping the leak. Fuel in oil as well. HEEEElp