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    Piston help!!!

    I have cracked two more pistons now with my '08 KX250F since I posted the reply earlier in this thread. The latest two times were not caused by open hot start. They just cracked randomly. My dealer is convinced it is the IceCube kit causing the problem although Max Power Engines says it is the KIC ignition overtiming at a certian RPM. Eitherway, the last two cracks have come when my soen had just worked his way into 1st place in races. I am debating upgrading to a 450 and steering clear of the big bor kits from now on! e-mail me if you have questions regarding this post. Thanks!
  2. natega1

    Piston help!!!

    Open hot start will crack the piston every time! You may also hear a lot of backfiring on rev down if the hot start is not closed properly.
  3. natega1

    Piston help!!!

    Been racing the kx250f off-road since the '06 came out. Overheated the '06 twice because of blowing anti-freeze in the 3 hour race and plastic Y-connector meltdowns but no piston cracks (probably because of replacements due to overheats. '07 bike ran fine until the hot start stuck open on the starting line, the bike went maybe 5 minutes and cracked the piston just like this one. '08 had approx 5 hrs on it when it cracked the piston down the center this past weekend in Kentucky at a MidSouth race. Hot start was well maintained did notice a slight knocking noise in motor when cranked on choke at high idle before the race. Get this! I am using Wiseco piston in IceCube 276 big bore kit from Max Power Engines on both '07 and '08 bikes. Spoke to Cliff at MaxPwr, they have worked with Kawasaki, Wiseco & ProCircuit to determine that at certain RPMs the piston can actually slap resulting in a cracked piston. He said this is caused by the KX ignition system. Bottom line, barring a stuck hot start sucking cold air, your piston could last 5 hours or 50 regardless of whether it's stock or Wiseco. In case any GNCC racers are reading and care I've learned that using EvansCooling.com NPG-R coolant (372 degree boiling point) and the Boyesen Quickshot or QS2 (cranks hot) go a long way in making this bike that was designed for a 30 minutes moto last for a 3 hour GNCC assuming you don't get a randam cracked piston. Sorry for the long rant! Hopefully this helps someone!