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  1. trailpimp33

    tb v2 165 kit

    Actually fellas I am out of Colorado not Arkansas.
  2. trailpimp33

    OGM LINKAGE BIKE Press Release 4/9/2009 BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!

    Staggs, you got my return message and yes we really should handle this via phone. I do hope that some of that information is false, I really do. For the rest of TT I sincerely apologize for the following couple of posts, this thread was originally about a vendors future product and I had a hand in turning it elsewhere. In the future I will only post usefull information regarding the thread itself.
  3. trailpimp33

    OGM LINKAGE BIKE Press Release 4/9/2009 BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!

    Jer, seriously I really like you as person, and have had alot of fun hanging out with you at past events. If you are refering to "small bills" as the banners that you did, I sent you payment and have a canceled check, however since you seem to be saying that you have not gotten paid, I will send CASH with someone to Vegas (since I will not be attending it seems). As for backstabbing, and doing some underhanded things, dude are you kidding me!! How about taking someone elses portwork overseas to be copied? How about all of the threats lately to sell other companies products (copied of course) for cost if they did not license them to you? How about the whole deal with your brother last year at MM? I think that you might want to step back a bit, take a breath and think about some of the things YOU have done. Not saying that other people have ALSO done things, but your acting like your totally innocent in all this. Now, I do wish you all the best and hope that whatever you are working on is something the whole sport can benifit from and spurs GOOD friendly competition. I have a shock dyno, and this winter just got some data aquisition equipment, if you would like some help with your prototypes let me know and I will be happy to help.
  4. trailpimp33

    OGM LINKAGE BIKE Press Release 4/9/2009 BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!

    We are taking this off topic, but I think we will see a turn around in the economy by mid-late summer. The current powers that be will want to support there party and be able to claim a turn around of US economy, gas prices, etc. Back on topic! I really do hope that these "new" bikes show when they say in with all the hype they say!! My concern is that is all it is "HYPE", we all know that certain people on here always throw around lots of hype, promises of dynos that never show, photos of bikes that don't even have eta's, etc. I love this sport and I for one am sick of all the lies, backstabbing, brand hopping, lack of loyalty, etc. We all got into this to have FUN!! Now it is all about who stole what idea from who, who is trying muscle who out of business. I mean threats have been made to manufactures of products to either license items or prepare to have them ripped off and mass produced elsewhere!! People wonder why companies are dropping out of the Pitbike market?? I am all for innovation!! Making things work better, offering the consumer more options. I REALLY hope that the future is bright for our beloved sport. I would love to multiple manufactures with actual different bikes instead of rebadged bikes with different graphics and anodized colors. It is time to "put up or shut up!!!!
  5. trailpimp33

    x4 suspencion

    Asking someone what will work best for YOU is very difficult. We need more info like ability, track conditions, etc.
  6. trailpimp33

    OGM LINKAGE BIKE Press Release 4/9/2009 BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!

    I totally agree with you, AS LONG AS THE SPORT KEEPS EVOLVING!!
  7. trailpimp33

    OGM LINKAGE BIKE Press Release 4/9/2009 BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!

    OGM will NOT be the first linkage production bike out of the gate!! Sorry Jer, but you know that it is true. While I applaud that OGM is going to use their own design instead of re-labeling another bike, and I think that it will give people TRUE options. I would like to know how you are going to have production bikes in JULY when you stated at another site that you were still on the 3rd prototype. It takes a little longer to put bikes into production than 3 months. I do look forward to seeing what you have to offer!
  8. trailpimp33

    What you need to Know about the YX and OGM 150cc motors

    That sucks for you NCC guys, you bust your brains coming up with an idea to help people and then someone comes along and steals it. Prec. 50, good info and also worth noting that if you get an OGM 150 and upgrade the head you are now looking at KLX intake and pipes.
  9. trailpimp33

    gpx forks vs. marzocchi shiver forks

    The Marzocchi's are a better product, there is just no getting around that. The GPX forks still do not have the same bushing-seal quality, tunable damper, or tolerances that the Zokes have. They are closing the gap, but still are not as good. The Marzocchi's are also much more tunable for each rider. You can only tune the GPx's so far, but they are getting closer. If you are looking for an inexpensive fork, will be mostly riding for fun, or riding trails, then the GPX forks will be just fine. If, however, you spend most of your time on big bike tracks, or racing, then pony up for the Zokes and have them tuned for you.
  10. trailpimp33

    Mid-Size bikes are HOT!!! Why?

    Just evolution of the sport. The mid-size bikes are much more available in a ready to ride format. This allows more people to ride different options before they buy, were before most only had a 50 based bike, so when friends tried a bike that is what they tried. Now when people are able to try 2 different size bikes it is only natural that they would pick the more comfortable of the 2. At least that is my theory. 110 is the new 50 150's will be the new 110.
  11. trailpimp33

    Race, Wauneta, NE,"Yucca Hills MX" Pitbike class March 30th

    Is that the one that Matt was eyeing up??
  12. trailpimp33

    NCC case saver!!!

    Call me up tomorrow!! Lots of ideas, like this CF X4R skid plate I just finished,opps! You got a CF or Ti supply line I hope!!
  13. trailpimp33

    NCC case saver!!!

    Ever thought of doing some out of Carbon Fiber?? Or a combo of Carbon and Ti or Aluminum? You know for us weight weenies!!
  14. trailpimp33

    Motor Size ???

    Actually when it comes to these China motors like the 146 and 177 that you are talking about, they share some of the same bottom end parts. The 177 topend parts are stock KLX110 top end parts (as in made for the KLX motor) and the 146 stuff is plentiful (heads, valves, pistons, etc.). The bottom end stuff is pretty close to the same from Lifan, Jailing, and YX. The only differences lie in some of the cranks, but those are available from the sellers. For example, if you bought a motor from Pitster, or a Pitster dealer last year you can still get parts for it now, and next year.
  15. trailpimp33

    pitster question

    A CR85 kickstarter will fit on the shaft but it will have to be rotated back to clear the clutch cover. That lever is short too, so it will be harder to kick.