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  1. Here's what happend this morning... http://bayarearidersforum.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=149197
  2. Makes me sick to think people would actually say this on public radio to their listeners.
  3. From the guy who helped me with this thing.
  4. Is the Pilot Air Jet a 55 or is that the Pilot Jet? This from Sudco: Thats the fuel jet. The pilot air circuit, we usually use the adjustable screw for that.
  5. Ok, this is the info I got: 155main 200main air 55 pilot EMS needle
  6. Ok, here's some updated info: Friend came over and this is what we got... Main 155 Clip Position - middle Fuel screw - 4 turns out Pilot - 38 Elevation - 0 It runs pretty good now. Lot's of popping on decel though. Any suggestions?
  7. Ok, I got the FCR Kehin 39mm. I slapped it in, but now it's running super rich. The idle is running way high (even when idle screw is at it's lowest) and when shut it off, it blurps a bit and blue flames shoot outta the exhaust before shutting down completely. I've got an FMF 2 series, 3x3 airbox mod and K&N filter. Does anyone know what my jetting SHOULD be (or at least get me into the correct range). I don't know crap about jetting! It took me long enough just to put this thing in! Thanks all!!! -edit- This is for an 05 Suzuki DRZ-400SM. The carb I have doesn't have the TPS connection. Is it ok to run the bike w/o this connection?
  8. slowpoke079

    clarke for sm????

  9. slowpoke079

    DRZ-S Passenger Footpeg Eliminator - new URL

    I've been looking for something like this! -edit- Please check your PayPal account!
  10. slowpoke079

    Acrebis Lighting Install Help

    Update: Ok, it's not the bulb. I switched wires and they work fine on low-beam. *sigh* Right now I just spliced both bulbs into the low-beam connector. So both HI/LOW are running at the same time when the switch in on low-beam. Any advice? ANYONE?!
  11. slowpoke079

    Acrebis Lighting Install Help

    I purchased the Blitz headlight assembly, but I'm having trouble with the writing part. I can get the low beams to work, but not the hight beams. From the factory wiring, the 2 Yellow wires that are sliced together are the high beams and the 1 seperate wires are the low beam. I spliced the Acrebis high beam wires together (from the light bulb) and connected it to a male connection fitting. Rather than cut all the wires on the factory harness, I just plugged into it. My low beams work, but not the high beams. When I hook my factory headlight back on, everything is fine. I don't have a manual for the DRZ-400 SM. Any help please!
  12. Can I still use reg. unleaded or do I have to use the high grade stuff?