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  1. dr350dude

    WR450 on the road

    awesome guys, sounds good- thanks for all the input. I do love xr4's, but they dont challenge me- to tell the truth, im really surprised these things (wr450's) dont require more engine maintenance or top-end rebuilds. guess it depends on the way you ride it. they've got cylinders that are nickasil (sp?) plated- or equivalent- right?
  2. dr350dude

    Hotcams stage 3 for XR 400

    hey-i just have an off topic question: how has your iCAT affected your power and other aspects- was it worth the 200 USD i saw it for in a mag? thanks
  3. dr350dude

    WR450 on the road

    i'm thinking about a 06 wr450 - i haven't heard anything bad about them for trails/enduro stuff, but how about on the road? once you get up to higher speeds, do they still have some reserve power for passing on highways? and is the stock gearing a good balance between trails and road? how about a top speed, and stability on tarmac? lemme know your thoughts... and no i dont want a road bike ( i wouldn't have the money for two bikes- and i wont give up dirt-bikes!)
  4. I'm looking into buying a new dirtbike. i have a street-legal suzuki dr350, but this is heavy, underpowered, and has fairly soft suspension. i want something better in all these areas, but not something like my brothers cr125, as i want it registerable, and it needs to be a four-stroke! basically something that wouldn't be too boring on the road, and around town but still good on trails, and light, non-competition motocross type stuff - i've been thinking WR450F, CRF450X, KTM 525 EXC or 450 EXC. I'd still like to have something with less maintenance, but that may be something i'll have to get over. I've also thought of an XR400R (to help with the maintenance problem), but that would probably need some work and mods to make it exciting. i'm more of an intermediate rider, but want something that could scare me eveery once in a while. anyways- any ideas or comments would be great, especially if you've been in the same boat as me, or have ridden one of the listed bikes thanks guys ~drdude