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  1. HON819

    2007 bog

    I know there are ton's of threads on bogging issues with Honda's. I have a 2007 CRF250r that was bought new and have never had any issues with bogging. The bike has started bogging recently out of corners and when the throttle is opened up quickly that has become a little dangerous when jumping. My question is, what would cause bogging all of a sudden when it has never been an issue before? Valves are in spec , jetting has never been changed, maintenance has been maitained and the bike is completely stock.
  2. HON819

    Valve Question

    Spoke with Ron Hamp this week about a valve job. He stated he did not need the cam assembly when I send the head. Question I have is, will the new valves be in spec when I put the cam assembly on or will I have to measure when I get the head back and order shims then.
  3. HON819

    Valve ?

    Yes, this is the first adjustment of an 05 with 62hrs. And yes shame on me, I checked the clearences once shortly after breaking in then became complacent.
  4. HON819

    Valve ?

    Intake valves went to zero, exhaust at .009. Bike is hard to start but runs fine. Question is, since intake is at zero are they worth shimming or just do a complete valve job.
  5. Ok, just spoke to a FC representative about their suggested suspension settings for my weight(190) an ability. Had my suspension(05crf 450) re-valved and new springs in 05. Had the fluid changed along with the parts inspected once since then which everything checked out ok. The below listed settings are what FC recommended and still recommends. I'm currently 182lbs and the problem I'm having is the rear won't stick in corners along with the front wanting to steer to the outside upon exiting. I have searched this site, posted on this site, and searched other sites in reference to different settings but everything I have seen has suggested FC to be a little different. I know my technique or lack of has alot to do with this but I need to be assured the suspension is not contributing in a bad way. I'm creating this post to find out more info on suspension settings others have tried on the the 450 especially if you have had FC work on your suspension. If anyone has found success in setting their suspension or see anything with my settings that would possibly help, PLEASE post it. Fork .47(springs) 400cc oil height 5mm up c-12 r-12 Shock 5.6 Sag 108 c-14 r-9 HS-3
  6. HON819

    Balancing suspension ?

    Thank's for the reply, as I'm currently sitting home with a broken collar bone probably due largely to "BAD TECHNIQUE" LOL, thus the reason to exclude technique. For me bad technique is a fact and was hoping to cover that up with better suspensions settings if possible. I failed to tell you the settings I gave you were from Factory Connection after a re-valve and new springs in 05 weighing 190-195 at the time. I currently weigh 182, could the springs be to stiff for my current weight.
  7. HON819

    Balancing suspension ?

    OK, with my settings being as listed and using the settings alone and excluding bad technique, would these settings contribute to the rear being slippery in corners. Fork .47 C-12 R-12 Fork height 5mm up Shock 5.6 LS-14 HS-3 R-9 SAG-108 Body weight without gear 182
  8. HON819

    Balancing suspension ?

    Could someone explain the proper way to confirm, if there is a way, to balance the front and rear suspension.
  9. HON819

    Rear Traction

    What are the main contributing factors for rear wheel traction in turns. Like, shock too stiff, shock too soft, body position, too much sag, not enough sag, high speed adjustment, low speed adjustment, rebound, tire selection, track condition. I know all of these adjustments work together to some degree, but do any of these factors alone have a prevailing effect on rear wheel traction in turns. Two high sides in a short period of time has cost me moderate damage and a broken collar bone. PLEASE HELP!
  10. HON819

    Rear Tire Slipping

    Anybody ?
  11. HON819

    Rear Tire Slipping

    Rear wheel has been slipping in corners, skating around and has limited traction. What suspension settings could contribute to this and how can it be corrected. CRF450r 05 re-valved and new springs by FC for 190lb, now weigh 180 sag 106-108mm fork c-10, r-9, forks up 3mm shock c-14, r-9, HS- 3 turns out rear tire maxxis si
  12. HON819

    Exhaust Slip On ?

    I changed the gearing from stock 13/48 to 13/49 and I felt like the problem was worse. More than likely the problem is me but with the stock gearing it feels like the gearing is really close together thus having to shift more frequently. It just seems like the bike revs out quickly. Like I said, it's probably just me or can the gearing you suggest help me in this area.
  13. HON819

    Exhaust Slip On ?

    I have an 05 crf450, like the power low and mid the stock pipe provides but looking for something to rev out a little further. Does anyone have an after market slip on with the stock header that provides the same or better at low and mid but revs out a little more on top ? Not able to dish out the cash for a complete system due to a nasty hide side recently causing moderate damage.
  14. HON819

    Grip Tape ?

    Grip tape on the frame near the pegs, does it allow much more control if any at all and will it eat your boots up.
  15. HON819

    DMC Exhaust yes / no ?

    Redbeard, what about jetting with this exhaust. Does it usually require adjustments or not. I live in southern Louisiana, temps. average 75-100 and humidity averages 85-100. I have all stock. By the way, if this exhaust is as good as you say it is, you make one hell of a salesman for DMC and they should at least give you a free exhaust. Thats if you are not already working for them.