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  1. irishMXrider

    ttr 90 is not idleing

    dont turn pilot air screw 1 3/4 turns out.... turn it 1 out or 3/4 turns out. i think you have it out too far, i have my sisters 3/4 turns out & moved the C clip up one. i seem to be good from 0-4500ft of elevation, ihad a simalr problem.......good luck!
  2. irishMXrider

    thanks PBDBLUE but......

    the site you suggested only had wr250 up to'03. any difference with the '04 wr450 stop screw? eather way @ lest i have a direction to start with
  3. i have wr450 '04 ,JD jetting,FMF power core4,camed out and tuned in for my alttitude, cant get any more @ the end of EACH gear and she wants to go. HELP!!! grind 7mm of what off stock throttle??...or get YZF throttle????????