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  1. I reponded to an add on Dual Sport Technologies web site for bata testes to help design and install kits for Yamaha WR450. I got an e-mail back from Lee saying the he was happy I wanted to help and if I would help him by taking voltage readings, voltage type, wire colors, pictures etc that he would give me a free kit once they where done. I spent an afternoon going over my bike giving him all the information he wanted and much more with a lot of detail. I sent him 5 or 6 high quality pics. I never heard back from him. I gave him several months and sent another message asking if he had gottin any further in the design. I have never heard back from him. I contacted trick dual sport and had him build me the kit I wanted with the options that I wanted. I had the kit a week later. Nuff said.
  2. Cool Thanks for all your help!
  3. Camshaftprelube Just want to clarify what equipment you have on your bike. Do you have turn signals or a speedometer on your bike? I have very small turn signals that I am sure are not DOT approved and no speedo. Do you think the inspector will give me grief? Thanks for all your help.
  4. Camshaftprelube Please keep the updates comming. I am still assembling all my parts but I am about to submit the same paper work that you already have. It would be nice to know what to expect. I think that I am going to be about 2-3 weeks behind you in this process. Thanks
  5. I sent an e-mail question to DMV and told them I was building a custom motorcycle and would like to know the requirments were. They e-mailed me back saying the I would have to contact the state police and ask them. I have looked all over the VA police web site but have been unable to find anything. I may call or e-mail them soon.
  6. I just tried to do it last week at a DMV in my area. The guy was thirty seconds from handing me a plate when his manager came over and told me that I would have to apply for a restored/modified vehicle title. That would require an inspection from a DMV inspector. I havn't completed any modifications to my bike yet because I, like you didn't want to spend all the money if they wouldn't give me a plate. From everything that I have read if I do all the proper things they should give me a plate. By the way. I had my MSO with me that is what killed me. The manager said look, it says right there for off road use only!
  7. Yea, but I am looking for something light weight to carry in my riding pack. Just trying to cut down on the stuff that I have to carry.
  8. Getting ready to place an order for some stuff on-line. I would like to order one of those motion pro tire irons with the axle nut on the other end. But, my bike is out at my cousins house. Cay any of you guys tell me what size the rear axle nut is so that I can place my order. Thanks
  9. Think I now understand. Puttin it back together now. Thanks for the help.
  10. Okay, found another write up on the FAQ section. This is the best explanation I have seen so far. I think I understand that you are not adjusting to free play of the actuator cam but of the rod. Is that right?
  11. My bike is an 03. I didn't think that the bk mod works on this model year?
  12. I took my carb out today to change jets and I thought I would check my ap adjustment since I never have. I read the service manual and several threads but I just don't understand. The book says to turn the screw in until there is free play. Play in what? The metel adjustment linkage or the plastic arm that pushs on the rod? The more I turn the screw in the tighter everything gets. Am I understanding this correct? Someone please help me! Thanks
  13. I currently own an 03 wr450. I like the power and handling of this bike a lot but I want something that is dual sport legal. I had planned to buy a drz 400 in the spring. I have road several of these bikes before and did not care for the lack of throttle response. I want something that has a hard hit like my wr. Now that the husky's are street legal they are something to consider. Do they have a power band more like what I am looking for. I don't want something that hits like a two stroke, just something with more power the drz. Anyone out there that has road both of these bikes. All opinions appreciated.