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  1. DJCRF150

    cfr170 valve specs

    I thought there is a mark on the cam sproket that you can see if you remove the finned cap on the drive side of the head under the valve cover.. When the mark is at top center, the cam lobes are at about 4:30 and 7:30.. If you remove the spark plug you can feel the valve springs compress when cycling the piston w/o the compression confusing things... Do doublecheck with someone who knows and can give you the clearance specs. DJ
  2. DJCRF150

    CRF150/230 Pics and Mods

    My '03 CRF150F: BBR; 175 w/ Cam, 26mm Carb kit, triple clamp, rev box, long shifter, fork springs and exhaust Works Performance shock Fastway Foot Pegs Uni filter EBC Pads Pro Taper Windham Bend Motion Control Vortex Quick Turn throttle Renthal 428 chain conversion kit Proto fork Cartridge conversion w/ adj reb. & comp. CNC'd light Flywheel DJ
  3. DJCRF150


    I'm a clydesdale, pushing 210lbs more often than not these days.. I raced Pro Moto for years in the 90's and can honestly say I have more fun on my 150 (ok, 175) than I could ever have on a big bike. It's all about your definition of fun, no one else's.. It's all relative, clearing a 30' double gives me the same thrill as a 60' tripple on a big bike, and nothing makes me smile more than block passing a 450F mid turn and setting sights on the next one. If I were runnin' a big bike, I would be just another intermdiate rider working to shave a tenth and fighting arm pump at the risk of missing work on Monday. Fly that 150 flag proud brother! DJ
  4. DJCRF150

    Torqd Flywheel ?

    Thanks, I'll send pic's with weights when I'm done. Much appreciated, DJ
  5. DJCRF150

    Torqd Flywheel ?

    Torqd, you are the master flywheel craftsman, I wanted to know if you had any experinence is chucking the flywheel and removing mass from the outer bell stamping in addition to the riveted hub... I saw photos of your work on hub, very nice, not sure if I can pull that off, so I was going to turn it down to the rivets from the outer edge and back side. If so, would I create two channels on either side of the protruding rectangle pick up? Sorry if this makes little sense. I tried to PM you.. DJ
  6. DJCRF150

    Tokyo Mods Ignition or Light Flywheel??

    Thanks for the advice, very valuable and much appreciated. Wow, methanol burnin 250, nice! Hope the conditions are killer tomorrow, BTW what track in Texas? I lived and raced out there in the 90's.. Whitney, Swan, Burlesson, Bastrop, San Antonio, llampassas, that track in between Dallas and Ft Worth the list is long.. Those were good times. Does Carter still run the pit bike nationals up near dallas? I won pro stock on my mod'd XR75 one year, it was a good scene. Your lucky, the lone star state know's moto. DJ
  7. DJCRF150

    Tokyo Mods Ignition or Light Flywheel??

    I am a middle aged x-pro motox'r who has this play bike to keep from taking himself too seriously... Got the wife a BBr'd 100, and now looking for a 50 for my 3.5yr old son. Love'n to put the pressure on the big bikes w/ ear to ear grins lap after lap.. I have way more fun on this bike than ever almost.. I do ride tracks almost exclusively, and have done about every other mod I can do besides going to a co-show 250.. Figured this might be the final mod that gets the engine to snap alive with a stab of the clutch like I would prefer.. Do you think the stadard issue lightening of the flywheel would get me close enough to the behavior of the TM Ig w/o dropping the $1k? Thanks for the input, DJ
  8. DJCRF150

    Tokyo Mods Ignition or Light Flywheel??

    Do you know someone who has it? Does it snap to life more like an "R" model? DJ
  9. Does anyone out there have the Tokyo Mods ignition kit for their 150?? I have been itching to lighten the flywheel on my rig but noticed that the possible 8oz and potential for balance related engine damage is a far cry from the 1-1/4lbs you can cut with the Tokyo set up.. Any insights would be appreciated, DJ