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  1. thumpbump

    best year to buy used?

    04 hands down or an 05 if you can find a great deal.
  2. thumpbump

    Intake Valve Question

    I usually just turn the gas on pull the choke then kick slow and smooth motions until she fires up. Try not to touch the throttle. I find my bike floods kinda quick. Check my garage for specs on the bike.
  3. thumpbump

    Intake Valve Question

    i have the Boysen AP cover. I wonder if my fuel screw moved a little over time. the bike runs like a champ when it's worm.
  4. thumpbump

    Intake Valve Question

    I measured at the tighest end of the range at .10 for all intake valves. Wondering if i should shim to get it in the middle of the range? Exhaust is at .18-.19 so i will leave those alone. The bike has been a pain in the ass to start cold. Usually just end up bump starting it.
  5. A 250f in Glamis?? I weigh 170 lbs? Will it blow my top end?
  6. thumpbump

    Made in China

    not so since the company sets trends. consumer's don't set trends companies and marketing sets them.
  7. thumpbump

    Made in China

    It goes way deeper then the consumer. Try telling the company i have a 250K contract with to source knit items out of China that their price will increase by 150% due to the fact that i will be sourcing the product domestically. They will tell me to take a hike and move onto the next distributor or vendor and buy from them instead.
  8. thumpbump

    Made in China

    I source products from asia as well as the US. the quality from China is always 100% better then that of the same product for 2-4x the money made in the US... But China is now getting to greedy so we are looking for factories in Vietnam and Thailand.
  9. thumpbump

    Ocotillo Halloween Weekend.

    Nahh i was in a Cali car, haven't lived in the Mid west for a couple years.
  10. thumpbump

    Red Sticker violation legal questions

    Red Sticker is actually not determined by the specific emissions of one bike but by an allotment of emissions allowed by a company. Same with cars. Yamaha is givin a specific emissions number that it is allowed to meet. It is up to the company to pick what bikes are red or green sticker.
  11. thumpbump

    Ocotillo Halloween Weekend.

    Our group had a great safe trip. Was really stoked to see most people using hand signals to inform the size of groups, quads and trucks too! Rolled up on one major accident when a truck smacked a quad. Looked like the truck had the right of way, not sure if that was a concern for the quad guy who had some pretty serious leg injuries to say the least. On the way out Sunday afternoon, we witnessed pure stupidity when a young buck in his lifted ford passed my whole caravan and almost t-boned a SUV turning left... Instant Karma on that butt licker when he got pulled over by the lovely sheriff's dept. 2 miles down the road, i think he got nailed pretty good because all the cars in front of me slowed down to inform the cop of this drivers skill including me. Great weekend. As always the vibe was positive and we all had a great time!
  12. thumpbump

    Ocotillo Wells. Worth the trip?

    Sand, Fire Roads, Jumps, Burms, Single Track, Tons of whops, trails, hill climbs, Shell Reef, Natural wonders. Pretty much the ulitmate freeride area. Plus it's free...
  13. thumpbump

    OEM Cam or Hotcam

    Dirt Rider said they were very pleased with their Hot Cam install on their 01 or 02 bike. Noticable gains and with the Auto Decom much easier to start. I would say get both intake and exhaust and a new top end while you are at it.
  14. thumpbump

    YZ250F Lemon

    i had to reshim right off the bat. and now I am on the low side so i will re-shim to get the specs in the middle of the scale. Don't see what the big deal is? it cost next to nothing and takes an hour max to do...
  15. thumpbump

    YZ250F Lemon

    your auto decom working??? User error? flooded? Try draining the carb pulling the plug, recheck all the wire connections. Smooth kicks not super hard and see if you get a pop. Or try and bump start it. If you get it to sputter it is carb if no sputter then electrical. troubleshoot...