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  1. You're a genious man. I just got the bike running yesterday and you nailed it. I don't think I'll try anything else it runs so good! Thanks a bubnch man!
  2. I just waited a year for a new transmission, and time and money to get my bike back together and I've got this issue with 3rd gear. Frustrating to say the least. Anyway, anyone got a solution?
  3. Thanks a bunch Eddie! One last question for you: how do you adjust the pump duration? I can't seem to find that info anywhere?
  4. Hey Eddie, I would sure appreciate your valued input on a good starting point for my carb. Here's my deal: elevation: 3000' bike: 93 XRL motor: 10.5:1 JE, Kibblewhite valves, Hotcam stage 1, slant-side FCR pumper, White Bros header and muffler, K&N pod filter. Here's what I was thinking I'd start with, but I'd be very interested to hear what you think: Main Fuel Jet: 162 Main Air Jet: 200 Slow Fuel/Pilot Jet: 52 (although the one that came in it is a 48, I have a 50, 52, and 55 on order) Slow Air screw: 1 turn out (equivelant to 100) Needle: OCEMR Fuel Screw: 2 turns out My main concern is that I'll be attempting to break this motor in at the same time so I need something I can do that with right off the bat. I don't care if the bike performs well with this innitial jetting, it just needs to run well enough to break the motor in. BTW everyone, here's a helpful site for this carb
  5. Frikken old bikes. I've got a 93 XR650L that I just got hopped up with Kibblewhite valves, 10.5:1 piston, cam, pumper, etc. I'm just trying to put it back together and two of the frikken cylinder bolts won't torque up. GD flucking sh!t... I was hoping to get this buttoned up today, now I'm waiting until Monday to go to the machine shop...
  6. Sweet, my plan exactly. Can you tell me in more detail how you hooked the hose up? and what size it was?
  7. I'll be able to throw some feedback in here as well in the next couple weeks. I'm just waiting for my Kibblewhite valves and OEM springs to arrive before I can install my Hotcam, 10.5:1 piston, and FCR pumper.
  8. New Brunswick! I'm from Fredericton! Too funny... Anyway, go to 4strokes.com and search a user by the name of Crawl. PM him, he's got a set of CBR F2 wheels he machined to fit an XRL that he's selling. They're sweet and will be less money than any other option. Be sure to tell him I sent you please.
  9. Wait for one to come up on eBay. I bought an entire transmission for my XRL on there for $50. I haven't seen a basket on there for a while though.
  10. For $50 extra pick up the temp sensor and dashboard to maintain your dash lights. All this stuff works with the Vapor.
  11. unpossible, parts man illiterate
  12. Oh man, you musta been so irritated!! I'm getting ready to reassemble my bike and I picked up some moly lube at my local hot rod shop. It's a mixture of moly and some other stuff. I'll probably still cut it 50/50 like the manual says. Then, after the first breakin cycle I'll ditch that oil outta there. I plan on changing it again a couple times in a very short period afterwards. Cheapest insurance you can buy really... Oh yeah, and be sure to use non-synthetic through the break-in period and for a while after that as well...
  13. I just cut mine down and jammed it way up under the tire on my XRL and bolted it to the backside of the airbox. Unless they've got cameras at ground level nobody's going to see it. ...it also helps if, like mine, your plate came into contact with your tire and some of the paint has been rubbed off so certain letters and numbers can't be differentiated... Basically, the only way I'm getting busted is if I get pulled over and the cop walks up to my bike. Otherwise, nobody knows what my plate number is.
  14. For what it's worth I paid $3300 for a relatively farkled good working low miles '93 two years ago.
  15. ...the worst part is I'm kinda serious...