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  1. i miss firebird their track is supercross style but nothing do or die it awesome and u can see the entire track
  2. i like but hate the new changes make the first jump into a downhill table then hit a 65 75 ft' table that u can whip off that would be sick!!!!!!!!!!
  3. everyone vote for me!!!!!!!! i'm contestant 2 in group one scrubbin at motogrande i need a lot of votes thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. thats how i feel about my cousin when people ask about the bracelet with her name and saying on it i get to tell them how much of an amazing person she was.
  5. i'm alec brett (exmlb) son
  6. wondering if anyone knew any reputable shops that will tattoo a 16 yr. old w/ parental consent?? thanks for the help!
  7. arenacross???? at payson??? sounds like my type of fun! hahaha i am interested now
  8. alright todd you may have cleared it but in all the vids... you didnt hahaha you were close but its slower to jump all the way tire tap it like me so u dont land in that stupid ditch haha
  9. dad my bike will go up that hill in third gear all the way!!!! i cant wait to go to the cinders it is awesome to haull
  10. thanks for the comments guys!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to go ride tommorow first ride back from the broken foot.....well still broken foot lol
  12. i love the video of me going through the corner into the jump
  13. hahahahahaha wow classic dad almost falling on your side in the middle of the river hahahahahaha wow funny stuff tho gotta give it to ya wish i would have went but o well
  14. ya we went to the track today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesomenessssss!!!!!! race this saturday at e.t cant wait
  15. i have kibblewhite valves in my x and i love it way way more pull to it i not sure if we got the spring kit tho