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  1. kokie

    What neck brace should i buy?

    I Just bought a 2011 Fox ProFrame. It works good with the Leatt. I also had an Oneal and a Thor Sentinel. Whatever you get, try it on in the shop w/ your chest protector.
  2. kokie

    2006 200 xc-w Fuel Range/Tank Size?

    All of those estimates are what my son gets(he's 13). He's always on the pipe and still does good!(2006 200 XC)
  3. kokie

    Need # for Suspension by Jake

    This is the correct phone number. I called him today(909)680-5564
  4. I bought the Garmin mount, well knowing it wouldn't last long. Plus, I did not reall trust all of the plastic. Well, I was right. 10 minutes into the ride, I snapped it off, luckily had it tethered with the lanyard. It hooked my camelback straps and pulled it off. Then I just stuck it in my vest pocket and stopped to mark my waypoints, etc. I came home and taped the mount several times and I am going to tape on the Garmin, and then try it again. I don't have much faith in it, but I will try. My friend has the Ram mount , but it seems to stick up quite a bit compared to mine. All of his buttons on the Garmin are damaged from hitting his chest protector on it. Good luck!
  5. I went to Crested Butte for some killer riding about a week ago. Here's a link to a video I put together. Enjoy!
  6. I recently registered my 04 Ktm 450 exc at Redlands DMV. At first, they wanted to do a Vin Verification and then I went to another lady and she handled it w/o the verification. I now have a plate. No problems, just like the others say, have all the paperwork in order and be prepared to show your bike. I got lucky I guess.?? It is like the old rules are in effect as far as dual sporting a motorcycle.