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  1. how does the suspension used on the ktms compare to the suspension used on the jap bikes?
  2. how does the suspension ktm uses compare with the suspension the jap bikes use?
  3. how does a ktm 450mxc sound....
  4. so do the mxc's work well on mx tracks. If i get one it would be used for half trailriding and half mx.
  5. IF you own a 450mxc how do you like it and waht do you use it for?
  6. so what would be a good bike for doing half trails and half mx?
  7. thanks for the input
  8. I want to get back into dirtbiking after switching to quads 2 years ago.i only swiched to quads becuase i was to short to get teh bike i wanted to get after comiong off a crf 150. SO now that i am taller (5'6) i want a motocross bike. Preferably 4 stroke. I do trailriding and jsut started getting into motocross so i will still do both. What is a good bike to start with after not riding for a while???