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  1. bigjosh37

    If you had a $1,000,000

    New Sierra 4wd, new Bimmer, House(nothing crazy), land(they dont make it any more), a keg, and the rest would be exchanged for gold.
  2. bigjosh37


    I dont know about you guys but I never even let off. I went to a Pro quad guys racing school, when I was still in the quad game. He insisted that you should shift without letting up, just clutch and shift as fast as you can and be back on the power. It works for me and once you get it down it is like second nature.
  3. bigjosh37

    Tire tubes

    Well we managed to catch a nail while riding in the pits we usually ride at. While changing the tube out, using tire irons(spoons) we managed to puncture the new tube on the last pull. Anyone else experienced this? Is there any way to patch a dang tube? Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. bigjosh37

    Why have quads become so popular?

    Look guys, like I said. A fully built MX quad doesn't have your average quad tard on top. I race both and it takes more skill and strength to race a quad. My lap times are faster on my dirt bike and I can make 5-6 more laps without being tired. If you have never tried to do what you do on a quad you might never understand. It is not easy, it has more aspects than a dirt bike and more obstacles.
  5. bigjosh37

    Why have quads become so popular?

    I can't wrap my head around this. I own both and am an avid off road enthusiast. I raced quads for the past 5 years and in the past year decided to see what the other side was like. I love them both, each has it's own unique experience. Their is much more strength and precision required to go as fast on a quad as I can on my dirt bike. If you have never had the experience you should try it and she for yourself how demanding it truly is.