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  1. I recently moved from Buffalo, NY to Salt Lake City, Utah. I purchased my dr650 about a year ago. The guy I bought it from had it jetted and I think he had it jetted a little too rich even for buffalo. Now that Im in Utah and much higher in altitude the bike is running terrible. I've searched the forums and picked up a lot of helpful info but not sure on two things. A. I wanted to try to adjust the pilot screw...Im aware I have to drill through a brass fitting, but how? There is no space so do i have to remove the carb to drill out of cap? B. To adjust the jet, if it is already 'jetted' is there clips I should see?
  2. anyone know if a 1993 suzuki dr 650 is kick start or electric start.
  3. hey cheak out this link and tell me what you think of the bike, also i plan on riding off road to on road ratio of about 40:60, i plan on moving to arizona where it would be a lot dryer than new york and just wondering if anyone has experience riding a supermoto'd bike offroad. how do they handle, are they really rough? and again considering the year, miles, all the mods do you think this bike is worth 2500. thanks
  4. hey thanks, i have been cheaking out ebay and emailed the guy with the 97 650 so i'll see how that goes. also he is asking 2500 for the 97 that seems kinda high any thoughts on that?
  5. hey I really want to get a dr 650 soon, if anyone has one they want to get rid of from the year 1995-2001 or in the 1500-3000 dollar range let me no. and if you know someone that has one for sale or see one and can get a nubmer for me itd be appreciated. if you want to contact me directly my email is d_mckerrow06@yahoo.com