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  1. itll be like the same thing as the kx 100 basically, depending on what they really did to it. A lot more top end compared to your 85. If ur riding it in supermini, ur allowed to put big wheels on, which u should cuz braking bumps are alot easier n stuff and most kids do for like lorettas
  2. how new is ur 80? most likely there gonna feel stiff if ur goin around 4 feet in the air. And its fine to land backtire first especially if thers no landing. But if u do, ur forks will feel much stiffer.
  3. Hey, i just broke my leg in three places at steel city, go strait to the 85, u cna ride those things slow anyways, and u'll get alot faster on one of those, but get a yamaha lol
  4. Definately YOSH trc
  5. I have had a mod and stock 250f all year, never reshimmed the stock, runs fine. My mod got messed up once and it was because of the valve clearance.
  6. Ya, last week when i was in like high rpms, the bike was vibrating bad and making noises, and it just kept getting worse so i checked the bolts. The huge bolt on the top of the motor holding it the frame was like ready to fall off.
  7. he means its the same time
  8. sweet, i just got the manuel clutch in my bike today, thanks
  9. ok, i have a tb 88 with head. What all do i need to make it a 108 with carb and whatever. And is there that big of a difference between the to? So it would be great if u could tell me which stage stroker kit i need.
  10. def. a good deal, if its in that good of shape. If it has some sort of bore kit its a steal.
  11. my 50 was doing the smae exact thing, my kill button was shorting out all the time. When i shut it off it takes awhile to start and pops when it was goin
  12. i have pro tapers, fallen a bunch, hit alot of big jumps, and no bending. And ya there really wide.
  13. He would ride in the auto 4-6 with most of the pw50s.
  14. If there is no way you will keep him on a 50, geta klx for sure. They hold up great and there are tons up parts for them too. And there faster than the 70 for sure.