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  1. I have a 2007 KX-85 and it seems to foul plugs on every outing. I am running 32:1 and was worried about engine damage by running 40 or 50:1. We ride trails primarily so the bike is not getting wound up like it would on a track. Can I run it leaner without damaging the engine. I am running an NGK R6252K-105 plug. Is there a different plug we can run? Thanks, Matt
  2. talljr1

    DR-Z 400E Street Legal Kit

    I just found out I need DOT tires as well so this is starting to get a bit expensive for a one day trip with my KTM Dual Sport buddies. Between the kit, tires, local bike shop sign off and the DMV fees, I am at $500. Prb not worth it for an '04 bike. Thanks for the info guys!!!!!!
  3. talljr1

    DR-Z 400E Street Legal Kit

    I live in Nevada and found out I am allowed to convert my DRZ400E to street legal (bike was purchased in CA). Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has used the Tusk kit which seems to have everything for a good price. The kit by Baja Designs is very spendy and I don't plan on street riding other than some group rides that require some pavement. Also, I would like to retain my rear fender with the LED lights as opposed to the one that comes with the kit. Any suggestions? Also, is the kit fairly easy for someone that is pretty technical? Thanks, Matt
  4. I have an '04 DRZ400E and would like a tad more top end for riding in the Mojave Desert (California City). A lot of flat long trails with places to really open up the bike. Can I achieve that buy just changing the front from a 14 to a 15 and leaving the back alone?
  5. talljr1

    Desert Gearing/Sprockets

    I am running stock gearing in my '04 400E and spend most of my time riding in the Mojave Desert (California City). I find myself looking for another gear on many occasions as there are tons of places to open up the bike. What is the best front/back combo for this type of riding?
  6. talljr1

    DRZ400E Seat Height

    Is there any way I can raise my '05 DRZ400E? I am 6'5" and it looks like I am riding a kids bike. Needless to say, I am beyond flat footed when sitting.
  7. talljr1

    DRZ 400s sprocket

    I am looking for a bit more top end on my '04 400E and was thinking about going up one tooth on the front. Low end torque is fine, but I find myself looking for another gear riding in the desert. Lots of fire roads and flat trails so you end up spening a lot of time in the top gears. Any suggestions? I've done the pipe, jetting and airbox mods.
  8. talljr1

    DRZ-400E Fork Seal Replacement

    I will try cleaning them first. If that does not work, I may just pull the forks and take them to a local expert that can rebuild and beef them up. I bottom the things out every ride and I'm only 190, so maybe it's worth a full rebuild. I am thinking springs, seals and whatever else the guy recommends. All he does is forks and I hear he is good... Thanks everyone!!!!! Matt
  9. I have one blown fork seal and wanted to know if they are easy to replace. The quotes I have received range from $215-$275. I am somewhat mechanical with respect to cars and electronics, but have not done too much with respect to dirt bikes. Any special tools or manuals required? Should I go stock or aftermarket. Any feedback would be much appreciated...
  10. talljr1

    Drz400e California

    I would suggest case covers by TT and a white bros skid plate. I learned the hard way after my bike tipped over on my driveway. It was an expensive repair and spoiled my riding trip for the next day. As far as mods, I bought the Dyno Jet kit (CA model carb) opened up the air box and threw on a K&N. Much more responsive throttle now. Have not done the pipe yet because my fork seals just blew out and that is going to cost me a few $$$$. Have fun!!!!!! Matt
  11. I plan on buying a 24'-25' (non 5th wheel) ToyHauler and need a new truck. My '05 GMC Crew Cab won't cut it so I have been looking at Gas or Diesel. Other than the 5-10 trips a year towing the trailer, I really do not need a ton of power for every day driving. Also, some say Chevy, others say Ford and a few say Dodge. Does it just come down to price and/or features? I guess the question is somewhat subjective depending on personal preference, huh? PS-If anyone is interested in an '05 GMC Crew Cab 1500 Sierra with 8K miles, let me know. I live in Simi Valley CA. Thanks!!
  12. I put a message in the wrong forum. Sorry, rookie move..
  13. talljr1

    Towing a ToyHauler

    You must have been reading my mind....
  14. talljr1

    Towing a ToyHauler

    I agree in principle, but I do not need an HD truck 95+% of the time so I wasn't going to pay the extra 5-10K for something that would need to tow a 1/2 dozen times a year. I rented a 23ft travel Sierra travel trailer with a slide and it weighed in at 6,500+ lbs, plus I had the bed loaded with two bikes, gear, etc. Using a prodigy brake controller, weight distribution hitch and sway control, I pulled it no problem. My commute for riding is only 2 hours to Cal City and I pulled the grades at 60+. I just want to beef up the 1500 a little bit, not rebuild the truck to be something it's not. Maybe I will go with a travel trailer and throw a bike carrier on the rear bumper. That way I can go a bit bigger in size.
  15. talljr1

    Towing a ToyHauler

    I think changing the 3:23 to 3:73 and airbags will do the trick. I may add a cold air intake and cat back to pick up some HP as well. As far as privacy, I have a 5 and 8 yr old and we play musical beds as it is, so privacy does not factor into the equation...