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    ridin, playin football, and makin my truk fast
  1. 207racerface

    KLx110 Help Needed

    i think that its lean also should try and go bigger main jet or mess with ur needle
  2. 207racerface

    Noice Level what can the cops do?

    maybe.. these dude that live by me, they were ridin their quads out behind there house and the cops came so they ran and well of course the cops caught them but they got arrested and they impounded there quads and yea it was crazy.... !!!! there were like 8 cops and a plane and damn it was pretty awesome.
  3. 207racerface

    Stupid is as Stupid does

    thats what i was thinkin.. that fool looked like he was ready to fite
  4. 207racerface

    Fork stoppers

    they all are the same i think.. my frends bike fell and then he got one and now his bike has not fell over since
  5. 207racerface

    airbox ???

    is ur bike seized??
  6. 207racerface

    airbox ???

    the air goes in.. then it goes to ur motor, its either under your seat or its behind one of ur # plates... could be somewhere else maybe iono.