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  1. gilmet

    A little help with timing please.

    Thanks Eddie.
  2. gilmet

    A little help with timing please.

    So I am assuming that it tightened up due to the camshafts wanting to turn in opposite directions at some point after TDC? And when you say "till you cannot wiggle the chain on the intake cam sprocket." do you mean no slack in the chain between the two sprockets?
  3. I installed an MT 434 big bore today. I am currently trying to get the cam chain tensioned with the MCCT. Every time I try turning the engine, the chain goes from moderately loose to very tight with no adjustment of the CCT. Any ideas? Is my cam chain really stretched? I started out from TDC when I installed the CCT. Will
  4. gilmet

    Reuse head bolts?

    Thanks guys.
  5. gilmet

    Reuse head bolts?

    Has anyone reused head bolts when installing the head?
  6. gilmet

    Stock S/SM stuff

    Can anyone who has any of the following stock items (that they no longer need) please PM me. headlight assembly signals taillight assembly mirrors SM fork gaurds (yellow) front rotor tool bag (don't need the tools, just the bag that mounts to the fender) D208 rear tire Thanks, Will
  7. gilmet

    Any Good...?

    Anyone heard of these? Any good? Just curious. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/NEW-WEB-CAM-LTZ-DRZ400-LTZ400-PERFORMANCE_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ43977QQhashZitem320057091464QQihZ011QQitemZ320057091464QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW
  8. gilmet

    The good and bad of girls

  9. gilmet

    What is this noise? Did I do it right?

    Are those measurements in inches or mm? Cause if those are inch there may be an issue. Valve clearance is: Intake: 0.10~0.20mm (0.0039~0.0079 in) Exhaust: 0.20~0.30mm (0.0079~0.0118 in)
  10. gilmet

    Flat Tire...

    I've only put just over 1000 miles on the tires, so I think I'm gonna get a new tube and patch the tire. Thanks for the input guys. Will
  11. gilmet

    Flat Tire...

    How do you know if the tire needs to be replaced?
  12. gilmet

    Flat Tire...

    I was under the impression that the SM has tubes?
  13. gilmet

    Flat Tire...

    Got home from a short ride to the auto parts store and found a sheet metal screw in my rear tire. Only 1670km on the thing. Anyway, I am wondering what the procedure for this situation is. Do I repair or replace? If replace, any suggestions on a new tire, or go with the D208 again? Thanks, Will
  14. gilmet

    A Few Questions About FCR Install...

    I tried the 42 pilot and I'm still getting the off idle bog. Other than that the bike is extremely strong. I'm wondering if it has something to do with the accelerator pump?
  15. gilmet

    A Few Questions About FCR Install...

    The bike seems to run fine with 2 turns out, except it stalls if I crack it open quickly. I am pretty sure that everything is correct ( stock fuel screw with spring washer and o-ring, no air leaks that I can find ), so I am going to try a smaller pilot jet for now, and maybe Eddie will have some advice for me later. Thanks DRZnXJnWI.