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  1. hey my dad needs some help. he has a '99 trx3004x4 and a '02 450es, he said both of them on the front brakes u hav to pump it to get any pressure on the levers, he said he tried bleeding the lines and adding oil. It still not working well. Do u know anything else that could be a problem? please help.
  2. 91dakota

    Problems with Rangers

    well the first problem is that its a ford, but ya anyways my bros 98 has the same problem where the rev limiter used to kick in later then it does now.
  3. 91dakota

    What do you think my bike is worth?

    ya i perdy much got the same thing but mines a honda n id asy around 2500 with out re doin the valves, with the valves i d say mabe 3500 if your lucky. there r so many bikes out there rite now for cheap
  4. 91dakota

    alberta 24hr numb bum ice race

    oh cool where aboots r u from in alberta
  5. 91dakota

    alberta 24hr numb bum ice race

    haha no i aint usin my bike, anyone can do it wether u got the balls for it and someone else u trust riding your bike, n wether u think your bike will last, i kno mine wont, im gonna race this year tho on my bros can am 450 quad tho, id rather ride someone elses then mine
  6. 91dakota

    Truck tire advise

    ah no way i had the same tires n i ahted em there terrible for offroadin n int eh rain no snow , but ya i gotta agree there quiet on highways n wat not
  7. 91dakota

    alberta 24hr numb bum ice race

    any of u out there pumped for the annual 24hr numb bum this year at sandy lake? has anyone evr been there besides me, or even heard of it? im hopin its gonna be at sandy beach agian cuz shit im thinkin aboot finnally enterin instead of just getn drunki n partien n bein a pit crew.
  8. y use angle iron to make it y dont u just buy "c" channel and ull get the strength u need from it as well as it bein easier
  9. 91dakota

    places to ride in alberta

    ya ive been out there, i hav a plate and insurance but i never ccarry it or hav a plate on it, but ive never seen cops in that area, but evryyear theres lots in vega but if your quick u got nothin to worry boot.
  10. 91dakota

    4 stroke oil question

    uh i use royal purple, the shit my bro uses on his race cars, it cost a decent but **** ti works good
  11. 91dakota

    Spoke tightning

    if u zip tie your spokes where they criss cross it helps to keep em for lossen up as much, i did that n i havent had to tighten em for aboot 4 months now
  12. 91dakota

    skid plate

    uh i cant tell giv u measurments btu wat i did was as im a welder i took my bike into the shop n bent a piece of aluminum n just made brackets to bolt onto the exsiting bolts where the motor bolts to the frame, but it was for a 250f
  13. 91dakota

    Cold Weather Gear

    well i liv up north in canada so for cold weather gloves i just wear snowmobile mittins, works for me
  14. 91dakota

    honda 350 twin street bike

    thanks for the info, ya i dont know much aboot it cuz when i he got it it was already had been thrown into a old dirtbike frame, ill try lookin cinto the motor a little more to get mre info from it, cuz i dunno ive been tryin to find a manual for it n hav had **** all for luck, thanx tho
  15. ya definatly dont paint a aluminum frame, leave it alone and show off its buetifulness as it is but im wleder so id rather leave it like that an let her shine, espicially if u paint it with automotive pain, once it starts to scratch itll look like shit, leave it alone