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  1. Just want to make sure. To drain the oil from the cartidge; remove the compression valve? I have a 2008 TXC 450. The Marzocchi manual is dated 2006 and I just want to make sure it is accurate for the currrent 50mm twin chambers. Thanks Les
  2. lesmoto

    TE shock removal

    Pretty sure you will need to remove the sub frame, if I remember correctly. My 08 is no problem, can remove the shock w/o removing any other parts les
  3. lesmoto

    Marzocchi 50mm

    I searched the site and found some information on the 50mm forks, but still have a few last questions. It is time for a rebuild on my 2008 TXC Husqvarna. I have the fork manual. Is there any issues in the rebuild, it appears to be fairly straight foreward? Seems to be some conflict on the amount of oil in the slider. One manual says 330 the other 370 and some on this forum say 300.????????????????Ideas. Thanks lesmoto
  4. lesmoto

    Upper shock bearing

    I need to replace the upper shock bearing; 2008 450 TXC. I searched and found that All Balls was referenced, but they do not list Husky fit. Does anyone know the part number or the number for Pivot Works. I did notice Pivot works lists the bearing for a Gas Gas, which has a Sach shock. Has anyone used the Pivot works bearing? Thanks Les
  5. lesmoto

    Front Disc Guard

    Trying to find a front disc guard for 2005 tc250. E-Line only has one for 50mm forks. Any ideas? Thanks Les
  6. lesmoto

    KYB shock spring does not fit

    I just installed a 5.6 KYB on my 2005 tc250. Perfect fit and no need to use a spring compressor. Les
  7. lesmoto

    Pro Circuit TI-4

    I purchased a ti-4 can -2005 tc250,only no mid pipe, as the guy told me the stock mid pipe will work. Wrong. Any ideas on making it fit. The inlet is too small. or does someone have a pro circuit mid pipe? I called pro circuit and they will not sell just the mid pipe. Thanks Les
  8. lesmoto

    AP Timing Screw

    Coffee, reviewed your posts and video, all is answered. I need to remove the cap on the screw. I thought this was only on the TE . Thanks a bunch Les
  9. lesmoto

    AP Timing Screw

    I just installed a Quickshot on my 2005 TC250. Inclued was a gauge for setting the AP timing screw. I know the clearance is bewteen the screw and the black plastic, but is this measured with the slide wide open? When it is wide open the clearence is as specified, .1. I looked at all the other posts but could not find the specfic clearance and it is not in the manual. Respectfully Les
  10. lesmoto

    Sachs Springs

    I read on the forum some time ago that a Showa spring will fit a Sachs shock, but can't find the post. Can anyone tell me if this is true? Thanks; Les