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  1. thanks for the help on that, any other help on the other stuff, especially the seat cover and motor questions would be appreciated, i hope with the 88 it will have what a stock 110 does power wise
  2. i watched the video, all i can say, is look at tedesco reaction at the crash, he walks over and trys to pick his bike up, he didnt run to alessi and mess with him , hes a professional racer, alessi is just a immature kid from a loudmouth family skilled or not there is alot of things you need to learn about handling yourself before your ready to race with the best in the world and he hasnt learned that, the ama should fine him, strip him of his points and put him on probation for all of next season, if he handles himself like that again take his pro license i dont beleive walker should be fined, or anything maybe a warning or talking to by the ama but thats it, if it wasnt for alessi's reputation i would say walker never should of slowed or stopped, but alessi and his family are known for pulling crap like this, and when walker rode by it looked fishy, walker merely stopped to make sure his team mate was ok, last race of the series and his teamate and freind is the points leader and this punk kid is trying to take him out of the race , walker just made sure alessi didnt go back for another shot, if i was walker or tedesco i would of decked alessi, i bet any of the rest of the pro class would applaud them for that , a rider trying to damage a teamates bike and kill the motor isnt your average situation especially going for a title so the riders went to diff measures, do you think if tedesco and some random rider went down walker even would of slowed?
  3. this is a pitbike i dont want a cr 85, im 6 ft and 245 pounds they have pitbike class at some of the local tracks and weve been riding them for awhile what weight oil should i run?and with my size i should be able to run both springs correct? i bottom it out now on lil stutter bumps
  4. ok i just bought a 01 xr 70...the kind with the shrouds i believe 01-03 were all the same, anyway i had some question regarding some parts i was going to buy, i wanna make this bike competitive with a stock klx 110 and this what i have planned out, im relying on you guys to give me the best advice before i purchase this stuff this week ------------------------------------------------------------------------- for motor i was planning on keeping the stock 70 head, cleaning up the ports a bit then getting the tb 88 kit that comes with the piston and jug, cam, carb and intake, then purchasing a tb manual clutch kit, by the way what can i run for a clutch lever and perch, i had a ct 70 one on my 50 and the cable had little throw, you couldnt run a cr style lever and perch all of this will work with the 70 correct? and do you bleive i will notice a big diff withought going with the head? because on my z 50 i had a 70 top end with a ct 70 head and that had giant intake and exhaust ports compared to the 50 and i can't beleive the xr 70 ports are much smaller for the extra cost i just wasnt sure it was justifiable also the stock gearing seems high, for mx, what would guys recomend using with this setup? on top of that i was looking at the yoshimira exhaust i can prob get a new one for 220, whats the difference between the comp and pro series? and how do they perform with a big bore? and will they work with a tb manual clutch? also will it hit the swingarm? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- for chassis, i planned on bbr sp5 dampening rods---when i do this what weight oil should i put in? brand? and should i replace the seals, the bike has low hours bbr springs works rear shock sano footpegs and mount tag mini plays sano skid plate ----------------------------------------------------------------- then for body i want a black gripper seat cover, i see fast 50s sells one but they list it as 02-03, but wouldnt my 01 seat be the same? is that just a typo? and does anyone sell pre cut backgrounds for these years? i can manage with cutting out the rears but the front looks like it will be really difficult i know these are alot of questions, but i dont know who else to ask what do you guys think? should i be competitive with stock klx's and klx's with pipes? right now it lacks power on them bad but im happy with it over a stock 50 ..i got it at a good price and with those mods i listed ill have less into it than a new klx thanks guys i appreciate it