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  1. 2fast4uracingxc

    Check out my roost video!

    this cracks me up i have never meet anyone who rides a dirt bike and hates quads or vise versa.i dont care if you are on a lawnmower get out and ride just to ride dont be a baby about it.if you dont want quads in your trail then go thruoght more trees.and as far as the track goes it suold be fair game cause bikes mess the tracks up more than quads do.i have grown up with both bikes and quads and they are equal in fun and destruction so put a lid on it and ride
  2. 2fast4uracingxc

    Check out my roost video!

    dont be mad as my daughter would say [your jealous]its not meant to be cool its mean to be funny.and it was funny
  3. 2fast4uracingxc

    Some pix 4 the quad guys!!!

    quads rule all what is your point if you got so much skill then it shouldnt bother you unless a quad is breathing down your neck cause your so slow so step aside and let the big dogs play people like you that start all this b/s and i quote rodney king when i say (cant we all just get along)if not you can all just eat my roost
  4. 2fast4uracingxc

    Some pix 4 the quad guys!!!

    only fags ride a crf 150 for fun
  5. 2fast4uracingxc

    Some pix 4 the quad guys!!!

    u must be retarded or you have never rode a quad cause it takes alot of skill to master the art of riding i started on dirt bikes but soon seen the light i love both but quads got it all maybe your just mad cause quads keep handing you your a$$ and to be honest there are just as many retards on bikes as there r quads so grow up and take the trainning wheels off cause that would make it a 4-wheeler b!t@$ boy