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  1. I love them loud.....do any of you know what the loudest pipe out on the market is????
  2. Hammerite_05

    were to buy?

    ok i will go sometime this week to get some.....thanx for the help
  3. Hammerite_05

    were to buy?

    what size is the carburetor on the ttr 125's and were is a good place to buy the jets for the airbox mod at? thanx
  4. Hammerite_05

    Need Help

    Hey, I have a 2003 ttr 125 LE with a pro circut t4 exhaust. I am getting ready to do the airbox mod to it but i dont know what size jets I need to put in it since I have an after market pipe. Any Suggestions on the size ad were to order them from? thanx